Soprano Yan Lian’s Debut Concert at St. Paul’s Parish Church Draws Rave Reviews

By David Li,

Malden, Mass. — Just a little over a year ago, Yan Lian was a student at South China Normal University, and Attila Dobak was studying singing in Italy. They might never have imaged that one day they would share the stage, singing a classic duet together. Famous for its world-class universities like Harvard and M.I.T., Boston is also becoming a magnet for talented young musicians and singers from around the world in recent years.

On Saturday, November 10, Soprano Yan Lian’s Boston debut concert was held at St. Paul’s Parish Church in Malden, Mass. About 200 people packed the historical church, and were in festival mood as the holiday season was just around the corner. They enjoyed the classic Western songs as well as favorite Chinese folk songs, like the Jasmine folk song from Jiangshu province and the Dragon Boat folk song from Hubei province.

Lian (left) and Dobak performing Duet I Love You So.

Soprano Yan Lian graduated from South China Normal University, Department of Music Performance under the tutelage of Professor Yi Ding, Xiuwei Sun and Yun Deng. Professor Yun Deng was the first Chinese singer signed contract with United States Metropolitan Opera House. Currently, Yan Lian is studying opera at Longy School of Music under Professor Donna Roll.

In her invitation letter to music fans, Miss Lian wrote: “I would like to dedicate this concert to all my teachers, family and love ones, my friends, and everyone who will join us on Saturday. With a grateful heart, a girl who loves to sing went on a search for her dream in the United States. Being so far away from my home, I experience the joy and the sadness in life. But singing has brought me happiness and many friends in the foreign country. It is these friends who give me encouragement and support that help me improve. It’s my honor if you will join us on Saturday and I hope my voice will bring you happiness.”

“It’s been exactly ten months since I arrived Boston to study at Longy,” Miss Lian said before the concert. She thanked band members Shaojian Huang (dulcimer), Zhan Tao Lin (Erhu), Decheng Wang (percussion), Ruomao Zhen (pipa), Ching San Cheung(flute), Chi Zhang (cello), and piano accompanist Chang Liu. “They welcomed me to Boston with open arms,” said Lian.

Lian also thanked her partner Attila Dobak for joining her for a duet in her debut concert. The following is a video of duet I Love You So by Lian and Dobak.

Attila Dobak studied and completed his Bachelor of Music Degree in the Béla Bartók Music Conservatory in Hungary. After his graduation he worked in the Operetta Theater and in Madach Musical Theatre in Budapest and took part in several different performances. In 2009 he went to Italy to keep studying singing with maestro Mario Canana who introduced him to the mysterious world of the “Italian bel Canto”. During his studies he gave performances and sang at several Italian events and corporate functions. Developing his singing technique he decided to do a Master Degree in Opera and pursue a professional musical career in the U.S. He applied to the Longy School of Music in Boston to study with the operasinger Mr. Robert Honysucker and coacher Noriko Yasuda where he recently performed Bartolo in the Marriage of Figaro and Dulcamara in L’elixir of Love along with other opera roles.

Beside his love of opera and classical music he also has deep affection towards the pop music. His new collection of songs, Autumn Leaves shows has been just released shows an artist who is making his mark both as a “popera singer” as well as a musical innovator. He is discovering a completely fresh way to deliver the live authentic feeling of classical pop standards. His new album contains depth of feeling and a burst of creativity. Please visit his website ( for details of Attila’s brand new studio album!

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