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Thousands to Rally in Boston in Support of SFFA

By Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE)

AACE announces “Rally for the American Dream – Equal Education Rights for All” on October 14, 2018! Let’s unite to stop Harvard’s discriminatory admissions practices against Asian American children!

Supports of AACE protested outside US Supreme Count in 2015 (provided by AACE).
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【波士顿双语网记者李强报道】学生公平录取组织(SFFA)状告哈佛诉讼案即将于10月15日在波士顿联邦法院开审。明天(14日),来自美国各地的数千名华人将在波士顿后湾(Back Bay)举行的支持SFFA的「美国梦大游行」。

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Jannie Mark Receives Visionary Award at QARI Community Banquet

By David Li,

Quincy, Mass., June 9, 2014, — The seventh Quincy Asian Resources Inc. community banquet were held on May 30 at China Pearl in Quincy. Close to 600 guests, including candidate for governor State Treasurer Steve Grossman, candidate for Lt. Governor Cambridge City Councilor Leland Cheung, participated in the banquet.
Jannie Mark (second from right) honored at the banquet (photo by David Li).
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Data Storage Pioneer Wins $1.4 Million Millennium Technology Prize

San Jose, Calif. and Helsinki, April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — IBM today announced that researcher and IBM Fellow, Dr. Stuart Parkin, is the winner of the prestigious Millennium Technology Prize, awarded every two years by the Technology Academy Finland (TAF), an independent foundation aimed at supporting scientific research and new technologies that will benefit humanity. Dr. Parkin is selected for his discovery and invention of the “spin valve,” which enabled a more than 1,000-fold increase in the ability of computer hard-disk drives to store data. This groundbreaking technology gave us the ability to organize, archive, analyze and share vast amounts of human history, culture and knowledge in digital form. The prize is worth 1 million Euros, or about 1.4 US dollars.
2009_0629 AQ
(This picture of Dr. Parkin is from
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上图:老年夫妇专程到东美旅行社感谢马小姐(右)和其他工作人员(李心茗 摄)。
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Don Berwick Pitches to Voters in Boston Chinatown

By David Li,

Boston, April 7, 2013, — Democratic Governor candidate Don Berwick met with voters in a community room in Boston Chinatown recently as part of the “Corner Office” Forum Series sponsored by Governor’s Asian American Commission. Dr. Berwick listened to the concerns from about two dozens Chinatown residents and answered their questions.
Mr. Berwick (middle) answers question from Henry Yee (left) with help from Patrick Tai (right), photo by Tong Chen.
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Statement Explains Why SCA-5 Was Sent back to the CA Senate Today

SACRAMENTO, March 17, 2014 -—Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) and Senator Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina) released a joint statement regarding the return of Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 5 to its house of origin at the request of the author, and the creation of a bicameral commission on issues surrounding recruitment, admissions, and retention in California’s systems of higher education:

“The overwhelming majority of the Legislature in both houses believes that we have an obligation to provide the broadest access to our three higher education institutions: community colleges, CSUs and UCs. We will be convening a bicameral commission to further this important conversation. Our expectation is that this Commission will engage students, faculty, administration, parents and community leaders in an ongoing discussion about ways to ensure that our campuses can recruit, admit and retain student bodies that reflect all of California. This is a crucial issue for California and this is a conversation we need to have now. Our campuses should be given the tools they need to prepare all segments of our society to succeed in the 21st century economy.
A SCA-5 hearing was held at Cupertino town hall earlier today.
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BayHelix Releases Statement “Vehemently Opposing” SCA-5

Decades ago, many of our members came to the United States attracted by the belief that this is the land where “all men are created equal” and her citizens and residents are endowed with certain unalienable rights including the rights to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” At that time, we were fortunately given the equal opportunity for education and career advancement, not because of our skin color or race, but because of our merit and character. We are now contributing members in the society, many in the State of California, as hard-working, tax-paying, and law-abiding citizens. We share these values with our children while creating new opportunities and jobs to others.
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【波士顿双语网特约记者牛江河图文报道】中国金融协会(TCFA)波士顿分会主办,哈佛大学学生学者联合会协办的2014年新春招待会日前在哈佛大学科学中心D礼堂举行,邀请的主讲人美国证券交易委员会委员(SEC)Michael S. Piwowar对近百名学生、学者以及感兴趣的听众做了“展望2014:美国证券交易委员会的使命和挑战”的主题发言。
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Swimmer Helen Zhou of Westford Made to Team USA

By Justine Wang,

Boston, March 15, 2014, — Helen Zhou of Westford, Mass. was recently named to 2014 U.S. 12 and Under National squad by USA Synchro following selection trials in Pleasant Hills, Calif. Eleven-year-old Helen Zhou is a 7th grader at Westford Stony Brook middle school.
Helen with her coach Svetlana Malinovskaya, who was recently named 13-15 National Team Coach (photos provided by Yuhong Yin).
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【波士顿双语网记者李强综合报道】今年一月份宣布竞选南加州核桃市议员的汤于潓渶(Betty Tang)自从加州宪法修正案SCA-5成为亚裔和华人关注的焦点之后,明确表态反对SCA-5,其选情也随之不断攀升。4月8日在该市市议会的选举中,加州反对SCA-5的活动人士呼吁该市居民投票给2号候选人汤于潓渶。
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George Yang’s Response to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block

By George Yang, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

(Link to Gene Block’s original letter:

“Nearly two decades have passed since Californians voted to end affirmative action in admission to public colleges and universities. Today it is clear that we have suffered for it.” It is “Clear” because you declare so.
George Yang(left) talks with Charlie Liu of Everbrite Solar Panel in Fremont, CA. (from George Yang for Lieutenant Governor).
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【波士顿双语网记者李强报道】全美花样游泳锦标赛二月底在旧金山举行,比赛之后,美国花样游泳协会宣布了20位入选12岁及以下美国花样游泳国家队队员名单。家住麻州威斯福(Westford)镇的全是福中文学校学生周贝贝(Helen Zhou)榜上有名。
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