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Interview with Michelle Wu on Boston City Council’s Short-term Rental Ordinance

By Olivia Bornstein,

Boston, June 20, 2018, — There will soon be new rules surrounding nightly rentals in Boston. You might have heard this on radio as Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu spoke about her support for these new rules on local radio stations.

On June 13, the Boston City Council voted 11 to 2 to approve a new ordinance, regulating corporate home-sharing platforms such as Mayor Walsh signed the bill two days later. On January 1st, 2019, the bill will be put into practice, effectively limiting short-term rentals to owner-occupants of the properties.

Senator Elizabeth Warren introduces Boston City Council President Michelle Wu (Jan. 2016 file photo).
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Why We All Lose With the Model Minority Myth

By Suzanne Lee and Lydia Lowe

Much is being made of a lawsuit alleging discrimination against Asian American applicants to Harvard University in order to reinforce the narrative that race should no longer be a factor in the admissions process. Plaintiffs allege that Asian American applicants with top scores for academics, test results and extracurricular activities were nonetheless admitted at lower levels than applicants of other races, when factors such as “personality” were taken into consideration. The suit is led by Students for Fair Admissions, a conservative organization that has opposed affirmative action programs on behalf of white applicants in the past.

Workers demand $15/hour minimum wage in Boston(file photo).
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「老丁说玉到哈佛」 北美华人收藏协会举行免费鉴宝活动


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Interview with Nuo An, Founder of Spiritual Dance

By Cindy Sibilsky

“Spirit” refers to the invisible force that animates and breathes life into a person, feeling or object. The spirit of something or someone is its absolute essence in the purest form. Chinese-born choreographer Nuo An, along with her New York-based company and foundation, seek to tap into that unseen quality and portray those inner essences outwardly through her method of “Spiritual Dance.”

Nuo An (front) and dancers of Nuo Spiritual Dance Company (photos provided to
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Mayor Walsh Appointed to Leadership Position with USCM

Boston, June 11, 2018, — Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced he has been appointed to be a member of the Board of Trustees, the top tier of leadership positions within the US Conference of Mayors, which is currently hosting its 86th annual meeting in Boston. The Trustees guide the organization’s work for the coming year, from connecting mayors to share ideas and tackle common challenges, setting a robust policy agenda at the national level, and elevating mayors’ voices on issues that face cities every day.

Mayor Walsh (middle) with two attendees of USCM pose for a picture.
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华人关注世界杯 波士顿有望主办2026年世界杯赛事


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【波士顿双语网讯】中国改革开放40年图片展将于本周末在波城华埠隆重举行。波士顿地区的首场展出活动由「中美文化协会」主办,展出时间为6月16-17日两天。开幕仪式将于16日上午10时30分在华埠牌楼广场举行, 届时中国驻纽约总领馆的官员及本地政要将出席活动,主办方欢迎各界人士前来参观。

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Meet Mr. Hung Goon, The New President of Boston Chinatown Lions Club

By Olivia Bornstein,

Boston, April 11, 2018 — The Boston Chinatown Lions Club held its annual “Installation of Officers Dinner” on the evening of June 8. In the heart of Chinatown, at the Empire Garden Restaurant, about 150 members and guests of the Lions Club met to swear in new members, dedicate a new staff of leadership positions and celebrate yet another year of continued humanitarian efforts.

President Goon (4th from right, front row) and members of the Chinatown Lion’s Club pose for a picture.
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郭艺丹钢琴工作室举行慈善音乐会 筹款逾千元

【波士顿双语网记者李强波士顿报导】郭艺丹钢琴工作室的14位学生,日前在波士顿斯坦威钢琴公司的音乐厅举行慈善音乐会,为波士顿外伤基金(Boston Trauma Fund)筹款。同学们虽然年纪不大,但他们的演奏水平却很不错,他们的爱心更是感动了观众。音乐会一共筹款1065元,将专门用于资助中国贫困地区儿童来美接受烧伤治疗。

上图:郭艺丹老师(后排中)抱着孩子同学生们合影。主办方 提供
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WuXi Biologics Invests $60 Million to Establish a Production Facility in Worcester, MA

WORCESTER, MA and SHANGHAI, June 11, 2018 – WuXi Biologics (2269.HK), a leading global open-access biologics technology platform company offering end-to-end solutions for biologics discovery, development and manufacturing, today announced that it is to invest $60 million and hire approximately 150 employees to establish a state-of-the-art biologics clinical and commercial manufacturing facility in Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States. The facility will be WuXi Biologics’ 11th global drug substance manufacturing facility (MFG11).

Lt. Governor Polito (2nd from right, front row) at signing ceremony.
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「功在千秋非等闲」 《美华读书》季刊举行发布会


上图:杨羊(后排左)同手持四期《美化读书》季刊的学生们合影(姚雯 提供)。
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上圖:在張鳳(左)主持下,吳宗錦暢談「寫作與人生」。舒龍 攝影
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刘三姐山歌唱响波士顿 音协乐团展泱泱国风


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