Angel Performing Arts / 天使舞蹈

Established in 2004, the Angel Performing Arts Inc. first opened its doors to Greater Chicago as a dance academy dedicated to passing on the rich traditions of Chinese performance art. At the end of 2004, Angel Performance Art was relocated to Boston and continues to provide a dance curriculum for those interested in learning authentic Chinese Dance as an art form.

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2014中国舞蹈大赛将于6/15 在Regis College 剧院拉开帷幕!参赛选手们来自纽约,新泽西,波士顿200多名,年龄8-20+,都是舞蹈小金鹰!!大赛筹备了2年!国际评委有来自北京舞蹈学院的资深教师刘沫,艺术家刘晓梅,和来自俄罗斯芭蕾团的资深教授Irina等!这是一个绚丽多彩,展现舞者舞台实力的舞蹈盛宴!!

10:30-12:30PM8-12Y 独舞,双人舞小组舞比赛
2:30-4:30PM 各年龄群舞比赛

入场卷免费!Email to Ke Ke :


“美国亚太传统文化月 / Celebrating Asian Heritage Month of May” 推出

中国江苏无锡歌剧舞剧院经典原创巨作《绣娘》 / Classic Chinese Dance Show

5月26号波城上演!/ To be staged on May 26 at John Hancock Hall
美国亚奇人文艺术中心, 天使舞蹈艺术公司隆重推出!
Presented By AGIS Center for Arts and Humanities, Inc. and Angel Dance Company!

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