Shaoyu Yuan: “We are still living under fascism”

Boston, Nov. 2, 2018, — United Nations Strategist, Shaoyu Yuan spoke during a conference at Northeastern University recently. Yuan received his B.A from Centre College, and currently pursuing his Master’s. He is conducting researches for the Institute of East Asian Studies, also serving as a consultant in World Art Center. Yuan talked about how there […]

Interview with Michelle Wu on Boston City Council’s Short-term Rental Ordinance

By Olivia Bornstein, Boston, June 20, 2018, — There will soon be new rules surrounding nightly rentals in Boston. You might have heard this on radio as Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu spoke about her support for these new rules on local radio stations. On June 13, the Boston City Council voted 11 to […]

Chen Xuemei: Female Students of Life Sciences Need More Encouragement

Beijing, China, May 22, 2014 (from — There are ten Chinese scientists who have been elected Member of National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of the United States with higher education background in Mainland China, according to preliminary estimates in 2014. Only three of these ten are women. Professor Chen Xuemei, an outstanding Peking University […]

Kayla Harrison — How An Olympic Champion Is Busy Changing the World

By Tong Chen, Boston, May 15, 2014, —- My first ever handshake with an Olympic Champion came after 30-minute car ride from Boston to Stoneham. Kayla Harrison was practicing judo with her coach Jimmy Pedro at the dojo. She easily carried Pedro on the back and threw him down like handling a little boy […]

Key to Solving Marathon Bombings, Chinese Immigrant Danny Featured on CBS Evening News

By David Li, Cambridge, Mass., April 19, 2013, — In a recent interview on CBS evening news, 26-year-old Chinese immigrant Danny told his ordeal a year ago when his car was hijacked by Tsarnaev brothers at gun point on April 18, 2013. The gun was likely to be taken from MIT police officer Sean […]

Presidential Innovation Fellow Jason Shen Publishes Book on Winning

By David Li, Boston, Nov. 25, 2013, — Winning NCAA championship as a member of Stanford’s gymnastic team, running a start-up high-tech company, and being selected as Presidential Innovation Fellow, Newton, Mass. native Jason Shen knows well about winning. He recently added another distinction to his resume: author of an e-book that made to […]