Shanghai Osaka

Shanghai Osaka specializes in fine Chinese and Japanese cuisines and was recently hailed in the Boston Globe as a fresh, new alternative to its competitors (the global article is at bottom of this page). Starting from Friday, August 10, we will have DJ on site on Friday and Saturday nights to bring the best music for your dining pleasure.

The multifunction room that hosts parties and Friday night’s music and dance.

We use the freshest ingredients, use no MSG and create authentic Chinese dishes as well as a traditional menu. Our sushi is brought in several times a week to ensure its perfection and quality.

About our chef’s we are proud to announce the arrival of our two highly-skilled chef’s: Mr Wei Wang has over twenty years experience, as a professional, specializing primarily in seafood, he has worked many years in Shanghai, at the 5 STAR Shanghai Peace Hotel, where the most demanding experience and skill is expected, and has studied in Shanghai’s prestigious cooking schools before to America.

Mr Jun Wang has worked as a chef for more than 25 years and specializes in authentic poultry, meat, and vegetable dishes. Educated in Beijing, he has worked as head chef in many exclusive restaurants serving high officials as well. Come and taste our delicious dishes, we are sure to surprise and excite you!!!

我们的菜系是中日外加地到的上海菜、川菜、海派菜和自创莱,我们即能满足美国人的口味也能满足中国人的要求。主厨王伟和王俊曾经分别担任上海和平饭店和天津一家饭店高级厨师。我们用料考究做工精细服务一流环境优雅,开张一年迎来了很多顾客,而且我们有special drink。从8月10日起每期五和星期六9:30pm到1:00am, 我们聘请了专业的DJ为大家的周末晚餐带来美好的音乐享受。

Special Authentic Chinese Food / 特别推荐菜单
22. Stir-fried Sliced Rice Cake 10.95 上海炒年糕
(w. Pork and Baby Bok Choy, Shanghai Style)
23. Stir-fried Beef & Chicken (w. light brown sauce)12.95 炒双片
24. ** Stir-fried Shredded Beef w. Celery 13.95 干煸牛肉丝
25. ** Sliced Chicken in Curry Sauce 10.95 咖喱鸡
26. Sauteed Shredded Pork (w. smoked tofu, Shanghai style)10.95 香干肉丝
27. ** Sauteed Shredded Sirloin Steak 13.95 小椒牛肉丝
(w. Chinese Hot Pepper, Shanghai style)
28. ** Selected Diced Chicken (w. Dried Chili, Szechuan style) 13.95 辣子鸡
29. ** Salt Pepper Shrimp (w. Shell) 15.50 椒盐虾
30. ** Twice Sauteed Pork (Szechuan) 10.95 回锅肉
31. ** Ma Po Tofu (w. ground pork, Szechuan style) 10.95 麻婆豆腐
32. ** Fish Fillet in Chef’s Special Chili Sauce 12.95 水煮鱼
33. ** Sliced Tender Sirloin in Chef’s Special Chili Sauce 14.95 水煮牛
34. ** Sliced Chicken w. Chef’s Special Chili Sauce 12.95 水煮鸡
35. ** Sliced Pork w. Chef’s Special Chili Sauce 12.95 水煮肉
36. Dry Cooked String Bean & Yacai (w. ground pork, Szechuan style)10.95 干煸四季豆
37. ** Stir-fried Shredded Potato in Spicy & Sour Sauce (Szechuan) 9.95 酸辣土豆丝
38. Sauteed Baby Bok Choy w. Pumpkin Sauce (House) 10.95 京汤菜心
39. Noodle Soup w. Beef Tendon 10.95 牛肉汤面
40. Pork Noodle Soup w. Pickled Turnips 9.95 榨菜肉丝面
41. Shanghai Peace Shrimp 15.50 上海干烧虾
(Stir-fried selected jumbo shrimp in Chef’s special spicy & sweet sauce)
42. Salt & Pepper Calamari 12.95 椒盐鱿鱼
43. Eggplant in Casserole 15.50 茄子煲
44. Shanghai Rice in Casserole 10.95 上海菜饭
(made with less oil, less salt, less sugar, less sodium, no MSG, Chinatown style)

295 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua, NH, 03060 (Right opposite Pheasant Lane Mall)
Open Daily:
Mon.–Thurs.: 11:30A.M.-10:00 P.M.
Fri. & Sat.: 11:30A.M.- 1:00 A.M.
Sunday: 12:00 Noon- 10:00 P.M
TEL: 603-888-7999; 603-888-1899

Boston Globe’s review, published on December 18, 2011.

A welcome respite for stressed shoppers
By Tom Long, Globe Correspondent

There really can be no such thing as too many good Asian restaurants. The Nashua area is lucky enough to have a large choice of eateries that feature cuisine from Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Japan, but there is always room for one more.

Enter Shanghai Osaka, the newest Japanese/Chinese restaurant to open in town and the fourth or fifth at the Sun Plaza, across from the Pheasant Lane Mall. Truth be told, this is a tough location, set back behind a shopping plaza, high on a hill with mall traffic. But it’s worth seeking out.

While you can’t eat atmosphere, it can serve to transform a meal out into a dining experience. In this case, situated so close to the mall, which is packed with holiday shoppers, ShangHai Osaka is like a Zen oasis: an antidote to fast shopping, fast traffic, and fast food. The warm and friendly service, the whimsical but feng shui holiday decorations (plastic flatware artfully stuck in plastic foam balls, and illuminated with tiny white lights), and the comfortable booths and tables all make it feel like you’re taking a quick vacation.

And if you take advantage of the daily luncheon specials, it can be as inexpensive as fast food but with a lot healthier, tasty, and relaxing benefits.

That’s what we did on our first visit, a break from shopping to satisfy our umami craving.

While sipping hot, fragrant cups of jasmine tea (we love that they’re big mugs with no handles, which warm your hands as well as your belly), we scanned the Japanese lunch box specials, which range in price from $8.50 to $9.75 and are served with choice of soup and steamed, brown, or pork-fried rice.

Choices include salmon teriyaki, California roll, and shumai ($9.50); unagi (grilled eel), California roll, and shumai ($9.75); seafood teriyaki, California roll, and gyoza ($9.75); and the choice of one in our party: beef teriyaki, shrimp tempura, and shumai ($9.50). This was definitely a high-quality bento box. The steak was thick cut, tender, with a savory and not cloying sauce. The brown rice was nutty and moist, the shrimp crispy, and the salad was fresh with a killer citrus ginger dressing.

Another in our party ordered off the chef’s special luncheon menu, the Chinese counterpart to the Japanese bento box. These specials range from $7.50 to $8 and include a choice of hot and sour, wonton, egg drop, or miso soup, chicken wings, crab Rangoon, or spring roll and steamed, brown, or roast pork-fried rice. Selections include General Tso’s chicken ($7.50), coconut shrimp ($8), and the hot and sweet orange chicken ($7.50).

We were so full and relaxed afterward, we went home and took a nap, rather than wrap presents as we planned.

On a later dinner trip, we had a similar experience. This time we took our time and ordered lots of appetizers, including spider maki ($9), egg rolls ($1.75 each), cold noodles with sesame sauce ($5.25), minced chicken and corn soup ($6 for two), and scallion pancakes ($4.25).

As pedestrian as it might sound, the egg roll was exceptionally good – really crispy, not at all greasy – and the vegetables inside were not heated to a mushy consistency, but rather you could taste every fresh flavor. The same could be said for the scallion pancakes, which unlike many restaurants, were not made in advance and reheated, but rather made to order. They had an amazing spicy flavor, as if cinnamon were added to the batter.

The spider maki also was good, with the soft-shell crab fried just right with just a drizzle of eel sauce. A little less successful was our entrée, seafood supreme ($16.50). There was plenty of fresh seafood, including shrimp, sea scallops, crab meat, and salmon, but the chef’s special Szechuan sauce was laid on a little too thick and really smothered some of the seafood flavor. The freshness in the shrimp tempura ($14) was spot on, thanks to the crispy panko crumbs and a light hand with the deep fryer.

The holiday season isn’t over yet, so we still have more shopping to do that will mean a much-needed break. Next time we’d like to try the red summer maki ($13), spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail inside and tuna outside, as well as some of the choices from the restaurant’s “authentic Chinese food’’ section, with no MSG added.

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