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Herbal Cancer Center in Boston (HMC, www.hmcboston.com) is the first facility in the world using the hi-tech anticancer herbal remedies in the treatment of patients with conditions of malignant tumor, cancer or lymphoma. Doctors and scientists at HCC have developed multiple effective anticancer herbal remedies and 5 new anticancer herbal therapies that have made major contributions to current cancer treatment.

Dr. David Liu, founder of HMC.

Why Are Our Anticancer Herbal Remedies Potent?

The herbal remedies used at HCC are produced using high-techniques rather than traditional methods. We identified, analyzed and refined 16 new anticancer herbal remedies from >200 sorts of anticancer herbs.

The active ingredients of our anticancer herbal remedies are extracted and concentrated using pharmaceutical industry processes of investigating western medicine.

To qualify and quantify the products the effective dose of anticancer herbal remedies has been examined at levels of microgram /ml by cancer killing tests in vitro, animal tumor models in vivo, and cancer patients in clinical studies at university hospitals.

The anticancer herbal remedies are manufactured in GMP workshops and they are made in capsule forms. This is convenient to oral administration by patients.

All anticancer herbal remedies meet with the US-FDA regulations and they are effective, safe, and only have slight side effects.

There is no conflict in the treatment results between western medicine and herbal remedies. Both anticancer western medicine and anticancer herbal remedies can be used at the same time to attain synergetic effects.

Clinical studies of CT scan and MRI imaging have shown regression and shrinking of cancer lesions in patients who received the standard anticancer herbal therapy at HCC.

Why Are Our Anticancer Herbal Treatments Effective?
Doctors at HCC are experienced herbal specialists. They have studied, trained and practiced western medicine and herbal medicine at Tongji Medical University in China, Hanover Medical School in Germany, and Harvard Medical School in the USA. By applying the principle of cell cycle in light of design of cancer treatment, we have developed 5 herbal treatment regimens, which exerts 1+1>3 therapeutic result. Therefore, our clients are more effectively treated compared to traditional and conventional herbal therapeutics.

Cocktail Herbal Therapy is to use the triple-anticancer herbal remedies plus a cocktail anticancer herbal extract liquid for treatment of conditions of cancer. Patients take 2 to 3 different hi-tech anticancer herbal capsules plus a cocktail herbal extract liquid at the same time to combat a cancer condition. One of the herbal remedies blocks mitosis of cancer cells in phase M, and 2 others attack cancer cells in phases G1, S and G2 by destroying the membranes of cancer cells, damaging mitochondria in the cytoplasm and microtubules in cytoskeleton, and splitting DNA in the nucleus. The cocktail herbal extract liquid is an anticancer enhancer that uplifts the therapeutic effect. Each of the anticancer herbal components in this regimen hits a key point of cancer cell cycle. The cocktail herbal therapy is usually used as an intensive cancer therapy for patients with critical cancer conditions.

Intensive Herbal Therapy is administered in the case of critical cancer conditions that are life-threatening and require emergency treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to quickly control the growth of primary tumor and metastatic lesions. Patients from out of Massachusetts are admitted to HCC for a week to receive a high-dose of intensive herbal therapy which consists of 3 to 4 different anticancer herbal remedies. Generally, patients take about 15 capsules per medication, every 6 hours. The dose is dependent upon patient’s body weight and physical condition.

Maintenance Herbal Therapy is indicated for patients who have finished the intensive anticancer herbal therapy and whose cancer conditions are stable. The goal of this treatment is to attain a healing, complete remission, partial remission or extension of life-span.  Generally, this treatment is done at home. Patients in Massachusetts should visit HCC weekly or biweekly. Patients from out of Massachusetts should visit HCC monthly or bimonthly, and patients from out of the USA should visit HCC every 2 to 3 months to evaluate the treatment effect.

Targeting Herbal Therapy is to use our specific anticancer herbal remedies to target tumors in certain organs or tissues, such as the LDL-110 herbal remedy targets human breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer. It also has high concentration in lymphatic tissue that targets lymphoma and metastases in lymph nodes. Anticancer-2 selectively accumulates in large bowel that targets colorectal carcinoma. Carcinoma of the esophagus and stomach is sensitive to ingredient rabdosia. Anticancer-1 and Anticancer-3 can pass the brain blood barrier (BBB) to target brain tumors and metastases in bony tissue.

Combination Herbal Therapy: The anticancer herbal therapies can be used as the first-chosen treatment of conditions of cancer patients. They can also be used in combination with western medicine and radiotherapy for synergetic results. Cancer patients who have failed to chemotherapy or other treatments can still use the hi-tech herbal therapy, which provide a possible chance of healing, complete remission, partial remission or extension of life-span. HCC cooperates with patients’ primary care physicians and oncologists to provide top quality service to clients and protect patients from clinical complications and side effects.

Side Effects of the hi-tech anticancer herbal remedies are mild, including multiple bowel movements and slight decrease in white blood cell count in approximately 7% of individuals who have had previous medical histories of dysfunction of the digestive system and hemapoietic system.     

Expected Results: Generally, as demonstrated by CT scan and MRI imaging, patients suffering from malignant tumor or cancer, who have received standard anticancer herbal therapy at HCC, may see a stable cancer condition by 2 months, approximately 20-30% regression of primary tumor and metastatic lesions by 3 months; 30-40% regression of primary tumor and metastatic lesions by 6 months; 40-60% regression of primary tumor and metastatic lesions by 9 to 12 months; and further regression of primary tumor and metastatic lesions by continuation treatments. Then, a maintenance anticancer therapy is required to protect the patient from recurrence of cancer condition.

One should understand that each patient’s genetics is different from another, each patient’s physical condition is different from another, each patient’s cancer condition is also different from others, and various cancer types have different responses to herbal therapy. Therefore, some of the cancer patients may be healed, and some of them may reach complete remission, while others may obtain partial remission or even no response to the herbal therapy at all.

Candidate Physical Conditions:

* Patients should be positive and confident in fighting against cancer with the hi-tech anticancer herbal therapies. Patients who have enrolled in the herbal therapy program should not give up or discontinue their treatment.

* Patients should have good general health, normal meals, no major dysfunction of the heart, lung, liver and kidney, and be able to walk.

* Normal appetite and meals are important because the hi-tech anticancer herbal remedies are made in capsule forms that are administered by mouth.

* The expected patient’s life-span in pretreatment should be longer than 3 months because we usually see remarkable regression of cancer lesion(s) by 2 to 3 months after starting treatment.

* Bring past medical records, pathology diagnosis, recent CT scan and/or MRI image disks (also written reports) when patient visits HCC. These data are available from your primary care physicians and oncologists.

In 2001, many patients with benign and malignant tumors in China were treated using hi-tech anticancer herbal remedies. As demonstrated in the pictures tumor patients were healed when they were followed-up in April, 2009.

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