Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts

3 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, MA 01773, Tel: 781-259-8195
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       The Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts, is a non-profit organization registered in the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts in January, 1989.  The main objectives of the Foundation are:

  • To enhance the understanding and the appreciation of  Eastern heritage through music and  performing arts.
  • To promote Chinese music and performing arts through performances.
  • To provide opportunities and assistance to young artists.

      The Founder and the President is Dr. Catherine Tan Chan 譚嘉陵.


The Foundation held its official opening ceremony on September 23, 1989, at the Rivers School in Weston.  Professor Chou Wen-Chung of Columbia University lectured on the late Alexander Tcherepnin and his contribution in promoting Chinese music. The Tcherepnin Society, represented by the late Madame Ming Tcherepnin, an Honorable Board Member of the Foundation, donated to the Harvard Yenching Library a set of original musical manuscripts composed by Alexander Tcherepnin and his student, Chiang Wen-Yeh.  Dr. Eugene Wu, Director of the Harvard Yenching Library, was there  to receive the gift that includes the original orchestra score of the National Anthem of the Republic of China commissioned in 1937 to  Alexander Tcherepnin by the Chinese government.

The Foundation awarded Ms. Wha Kyung Byun as the outstanding music educator.  In early December 1989, the Foundation,  recognized Professor Sylvia Shue-Tee Lee for her contribution in educating young violinists.

The recipients of the Foundation’s artist scholarship award were: 1989 Jindong Cai, MM conductor ,New England Conservatory, NEC (currently  conductor and Associate Professor of Music, Stanford University,)  1990: (late) Pei-Kun Xi, MM, conductor, NEC; 1991: pianists John Park and J.G. Park; 1991:pianist Ilia Itin for the 9th Robert Casadesus International Piano competition where he won the first prize; 1992: Lan Shui, Affiliated Conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, currently the conductor of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra; 1994: soprano Guiping Deng of Boston University under Phylis Curtain; (currently Director of Vocal Department, Beijing Central Conservatory Attached High School,) 1999:
cellist Xu Xiao-Jan under Laurence Lesser, NEC; 2005: pianist  Larry Weng at Juilliard and Columbia University; 2006: violinist Ying Xue under Donald Weilerstein at NEC. 2007 and 2008: violinists Ying Xue, Jing Zhang, and Quan Yuanunder Donald Weilerstein at NEC. 2009 and 2010: violinists Li Lao under Donald  Weilerstein at NEC and pianist Qi Kongunder Wha Kyun Byun and Russell Sherman at NEC Prep Walnut Hill School. 2010 and 2011: pianists Lu Shen and SiCong Liu under Alexander Korsantia at NEC.  Musician Sponsorship for Boston Philharmonic Orchestra with Benjamin Zander:
2009 Ying Xue, and 2010, 2011 Quan Yuan. 2011: pianist XiXi Zhou under Hung-Kuan Chen at NEC, 2011: violinistAngelo Xiang Yu under Donald Weilerstein at NEC. 2011-2012: cellist Zhou Yi under Laurance Lesser at NEC. 2012 sopranoWanZhe Zhang at NEC. 2012 and 2013: cellist Taeguk Mun under Laurance Lesser at NEC. 2013: flutist Bi-Le Zhangunder Paula Robison at NEC.

The Foundation awards about $35,000 annually in scholarships to young musicians attending our  Music Festival at Walnut Hill.


1989: New England Conservatory Youth Philharmonic Orchestra’s (YPO) concert tour to Taiwan and Korea; 1990: “A Ma Sitson Retrospective” concert; and Boston Musica Viva “Asian and Asian-American Composers Concert”; the ALEA III International Composition Competition, 1990, and 1993-1996; the Jin-Jin Lin Dancing Company; 1992 and 1993: International Young Artist Piano Competitions;  1999: composer Shih-Hui Chen Showcase at Carnegie Hall; 2006: New World Trio featuring Kurt Stallmann’s new work; 2007: New England Conservatory YPO concert tour to China; 2012: BMOP recording of Chen Yi’s new works; 2012: Wu Man’s Return to China “Discovering a Musical Heartland” recording; 2012: Bion Tsang recording; and others.

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