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Empow Studios is a learning studio that offers technology classes, workshops, camps, drop-ins and birthday parties for ages 4-16. We help young learners discover and develop their talents early in life, helping them create satisfying and successful career paths in the future.

We welcome kids with all levels of expertise and interest to learn LEGO® engineering and robotics, claymation, digital animation, app design, digital music, video game design and programming, 3D modeling and 3D printing, architecture and more. While they work on their projects, they engage math, language, science, and other areas of knowledge. This is serious play that matters for life.

Now registering for the After-School Club and fall classes. Space is limited!

Empow 工作室为4-16岁的儿童提供科技培训,课后班,生日派对等服务。我们帮助年轻的学生们发现和发展他们的才能,让他们将来能够永远一个成功和令人满意的职业。

我们现在招收各个年纪的学生,课程包括LEGO® 工程和机器人,动画,软件设计,数字音乐,电子游戏设计、编程,三维模拟,三维打印和建筑设计等等。学生们通过动手学习到数学、语言、科学和其他相关知识,为他们今后的成功奠定基础。

Empow Studios
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