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At Chyten, we not only help students earn higher test scores and grades, we provide them with the essential tools and motivation they need to succeed well beyond their school years. Graduates of our programs have been accepted at virtually every top college in the country, have earned millions of dollars in merit-based scholarships, and have gone on to enjoy rewarding and fulfilling careers. Without question, the lessons learned at Chyten last a lifetime.

  • The most innovative curriculum in the U.S.
  • Learning-purposed centers create a superior, distraction-free environment for learning
  • Proprietary learning and test-taking strategies
  • No contracts required
  • No large upfront payments – pay as you go
  • No long-term commitments
  • Tutor/Teacher notes follow every session
  • All tutors have Master’s degrees or PhDs, and teaching experience
  • Customized tutor matching with a tutor-match guarantee. If you don’t agree, the first hour is free 

Chyten’s school partnerships feature programs that strengthen college resumes, open doors, earn scholarships and change lives. Through discounts, scholarships and expert instruction by Master’s degree professionals, Chyten provides an unsurpassed level of service to students, parents and school systems.


Practice Tests

* After school programs vary by location.

Please call or stop by our center at 858 Walnut Street to discuss your child’s unique situation and how Chyten can help.

Rave reviews from educators, students and parents

“I have been a professor for the last six years, and I have never witnessed a more devoted, conscientious, hardworking teacher. You have really amassed an incredibly talented and devoted group of tutors. I want to thank you and them for all the help and support!”

Professor Mary Godwyn, PhD, Babson College Department Chairperson

“A number of students in the area have relied very successfully… on his (Chyten’s) services. I’ve never heard anything but very high praise and gratitude from both students and their parents.”

Marlyn McGrath Lewis, Harvard University Director of Admissions

“The Chyten course helps (students) focus their attention on the task at hand, improves preparation, and instills confidence – a needed attribute when one enters some foreboding test center with #2 pencils at the ready. For his understanding of students’ needs, his desire to assist students as they tackle the challenges of standardized tests, and his willingness to level the economic playing field to the extent that he can, I am happy to recommend Neil (Chyten) and his company to you.”

Tom Walsh, Jr., Roxbury Latin School’s Director of College Admissions

“For Westwood Public Schools, Chyten has proven itself to be a responsible company with high ethical and educational standards, and a valuable asset to the community. As for results, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. So often we hear numbers and guarantees thrown around frivolously and recklessly. In contrast, Chyten actually delivered on its promises.”

John Antonucci Westwood, Massachusetts Superintendent of Schools

“You have really amassed an incredibly talented and devoted group of tutors. I want to thank you and them for all the help and support!”

“When (my daughter’s) college counselor asked her about SAT tutoring and how she was doing, she said that she loves it, to which the college counselor said that – in her long career – she had never heard a student say this.”

Address: 858 WALNUT STREET, NEWTON, MA 02459
Phone: 617-559-9931
E-mail: [email protected]

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