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    The China Maritime Studies Institute at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, is looking for a Research Administrator (much like a Librarian) to take care of the Institute’s library collection and to assist scholars who are using it. The initial appointment will be for one year, but the contract should be renewable. Salary will be negotiated but should be quite adequate, and there are excellent benefits also provided. The job will begin as soon as a suitable person is found.

    The primary responsibilities will involve managing the Library collection, helping with the annual conference and CMSI publications, and translating as time and skills allow. Mandarin skills sufficient to manage the collection are a must.

    There will be opportunities for personal research, though that is not the primary focus of the job. A person with at least an MA degree would be suitable.

    The official job description is below:

    Research Administrator

    The contractor shall provide a Research Administrator for administrative duties in support of the ongoing research activities of the China Maritime Studies Institute. The Research Administrator shall conduct the procurement, compilation, and cataloging of the Institute’s growing library of trade journals, newspapers, periodicals and other open-source publications that relate to Chinese maritime issues, as well as gathering, organizing, and disseminating the materials under the direction of the Director. The Research Administrator shall also support the China Maritime Studies Institute’s hosting or participation in related workshops, conferences, seminars, and war games. The Research Administrator shall also perform translation of Chinese language materials.

    The Research Administrator will have extensive Chinese Mandarin language skills and a graduate level experience in research concerning Chinese Maritime areas of study. Research Administrator will have education at the Masters Degree level or equivalent experience, and demonstrated skills and experience in the areas of academic research and organization. The contractor will be primarily responsible for procuring and organizing open-source research materials for the CMSI Library. Efforts include the cataloging of newspapers, periodicals, publications and both online and offline research venues to aid the research efforts of CMSI associate and affiliate-level members. Occasional translation work will facilitate quick turnaround of important materials for wider research and analysis and inclusion in the curriculum where appropriate. The Research Administrator will also be responsible for locating, compiling and organizing research materials to assist CMSI faculty members in on-going projects including, but not restricted to the following: shipbuilding development, aerospace industry, undersea warfare, cyber security, ballistic missile defense, and international law. Maritime and naval experience is highly valued as this will give the administrator maximum ability to find critical data to support the CMSI mission. Additionally, visiting researchers from other US Government (USG) entities will require assistance with materials found in the Institute’s library. Compiling English-language tables of content for publications held in the Institute’s collection will be required for distribution to the wider USG community. Quarterly reports of the Status of the Library (SOLR) will be required in preparation for contracting with publication sources for future procurement. Planning for future development of the CMSI Library will be undertaken between the Director and Research Administrator and based upon the information contained in these reports. The Research Administrator will participate in meetings, workshops, seminars, war games and other events as required to support the Strategic Research Department.

    Applicants should forward their resume and a cover letter to [email protected] copy to [email protected].

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