The Central Conservatory of Music Chorus, Beijing To Perform at Harvard Sanders Theatre

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Friday, June 22, 2012, 8pm
Harvard Sanders Theatre

The Central Conservatory of Music Chorus, Beijing



Admission is FREE

Suggested donation $10 per person at door


The Central Conservatory of Music Chorus is invited to the Inaugural Yale International Choral Festival, a new event produced by the Yale Glee Club in collaboration with the Yale School of Music, and the Yale Alumni Chorus. The festival will be held June 19-23, 2012 at Yale University.

The Central Conservatory of Music Chorus will also perform two concerts in New York on June 25  at the United Nations and the “New York Choral Festival” in Flushing, NY sponsored  by SAMA.



  1. Ga O Li Tai 嘎哦麗泰: Hasake Folk Song Arranged by Du Mingxin 杜鳴心
  2. Pastoral 牧歌: East Mongolia Folk Song Arranged by Qu Xixian 翟希賢
  3. The Youth Dance 青春舞曲: Xinjiang Folk Song
    arranged by Wang Shiguang 王洛賓記譜王世光編曲
  4. Double Echoes 翠谷雙迴聲: by Yang Hongnian 楊鴻年
  5. Introduction and Toccata 引子與託卡塔: by Yang Hongnian 楊鴻年
  6. Spring Waters 春潮: by Sergei Vassilievitch Rachmaninoff
  7. Sa Li Lo 撒里囉: Lyrics by Yangxiaoping, Music by Liu Xiaogen 曉耕and Liu Ye
    arranged by Yang Hongnian 楊鴻年, Piano Part by Wang Tianyang
  8. Lacrymosa 眼淚(From “Requiem” No.7): by MA Mozart
  9. Pizzicato Polk 撥弦波爾卡: Music by J* Strauss, Arranged by Yang Hongnian 楊鴻年
  10. Lux Aurumque 金色的光: by Eric Whitacre
  11. The Rhythm of Life 生活的節奏: by CY Coleman
  12. Suliko 蘇麗科: Georgian Folk Song
  13. Zitti, Zitti 悄悄地(From “Rigoletto”): by Giuseppe Verdi
  14. In Taberna Quamdo Sumus 在酒店裡(From “Carmina Burana”): by Carl Orff
  15. That is me 那就是我: Lyrics by Xiaoguang 曉光,
    composed by Gu Jianfen 谷建芬曲劉孝陽改編
  16. Man Jiang Hong 滿江紅: Lyrics by Yue Fei 岳飛,
    composed by Li Baochen 李抱忱
  17. Kasar Mie La Gaji 地球累了: by Alberto Gra
  18. The Battle of Jericho 傑里科之役: American Traditional Spiritual
    arranged by Moses Hogan
  19. Sabre Dance 馬刀舞曲: composed by Aram Ilitch Khatchaturian,
    arranged by Yang Hongnian 楊鴻年

Conductor: Hongnian Yang 杨鸿年
Assistant Conductor: Li Yang 杨力
Piano Accompanist: TianYang Wang王天阳 and Jun Liu刘俊


The Central Conservatory of Music Chorus, Beijing

Located at the former Prince Chun’s Residence of Qing Dynasty,

the Central Conservatory of Music’s beginnings can be traced to 1940, when the National Conservatory of Music was founded. It has merged together with other 5 music institutions and departments of music in Universities in 1950. Moved from Tianjin to Beijing in 1958, it was ranked among the national leading universities in 1960. Currently, it was listed as one of the leading universities in the “211 project” in 2000, the only institution in Academies of Fine Arts in China, and only key institution of higher learning supervised directly under the Ministry of Education of the State Council among all academies of arts in China.

Hongnian Yang 杨鸿年, conductor




  Conductor Yang Hongnian is China’s well-known Conductor and Music Educator and Professor of Conducting at Central Conservatory of Music. He was formerly Vice Chairman of the International Children’s Chorus and Performing Arts Association, Board Member of Chinese Musician’s Association, Adviser of China Choral Society and China Chorus Union.

Professor Yang has an ardent and bold style. When conducting he adds subtle movements to interpret the music in his vast repertoire. His unique performing art and his music prowess are well admired by musical professionals and educators in China and overseas. He has received praise from the international music community as a “maestro who masters the myth of chorus”.

Based on Professor Yang Hongnian’s achievements, he was granted the title of “National Exemplary Worker in the Culture System”. He was consecutively recommended by the international conductors to be the Vice Chairman of the National Children’s Chorus Performing Arts Association. US President Ronald Reagan awarded the highest appreciation Certificate for the children’s chorus he conducted while in America. He received the Honorary Citizen of Newark Medal and the Golden Key from Osaka and Bingku County of Japan for his contribution to music.

 Li Yang 楊力: Assistant Conductor


Yang Li is professor of Conducting Department of the Central Conservatory of Music, Principal Conductor of Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, Conductor of the Children and Young Women’s Chorus of the China National Symphony Orchestra, and Director and Conductor of Beijing Philharmonic Chorus.


Yang Li was born in a musical family and started learning music since early childhood. In 1990, He graduated from the Conducting Department of Central Conservatory of Music. In 1997, he received an “Artist Diploma” from Stuttgart Conservatory of Music in Germany where he graduated from, and became the first Chinese artist to win the H. von Karajan Foundation scholarship.


The Ministry of Culture of Peoples Republic of China awarded the “Wen Hua Prize” to Yang Li for his excellent performance on conducting the opera production “General She Leng”. He was also given an award for “Best Conductor”. In 2010, Yang Li led the Beijing Philharmonic Chorus and participated in the 24th Béla Bartók International Choir Competition held in Hungary. The chorus won the first place among Children’s Chorus Category, and the second place in the Youth Category. In July 2011, Beijing Philharmonic Chorus competed in the 2011 Istanbul International Chorus Competition, and was awarded the first place in Children’s Choirs Category, Female Choirs Category and the Grand-Prix. In the following month, the chorus participated in “The Singing World”-The 7th International Choir and Vocal Ensembles Competition in St. Petersburg and won 15 awards including first places in categories of Children’s Choirs and Female Choirs, and Modern Music, as well as the Grand-Prix, Special Prize of Jury and the Best Performance of Y. Falik’s work. Yang Li was awarded the Best Conductor.


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Friday, 6/22/2012, 8pm

Harvard Sanders Theatre

Central Conservatory of Music Chorus
Free Admission  

Hongnian Yang 楊鴻年
Conductor and Music Director

Li Yang 楊力

Assistant Conductor

The 24th Season 2012-2013

 July 26- August 17, 2012

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April 15, 2013

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