Yale Reaffirms Commitment to International Students and Scholars

Thursday, May 23, 2019 To the Yale Community, In recent weeks, tensions in United States–China relations and increased scrutiny of academic exchanges have added to a sense of unease among many international students and scholars here at Yale and at universities across the country.

Countdown to 2019 Boston Taiwan Film Festival 新銳創作人共襄盛舉



【2019年5月19日,位于大波士顿地区的布兰迪斯大学举行第68届毕业典礼。中国科幻作家刘慈欣在典礼中获名誉博士学位,以下是他的演讲稿。】 女士们,先生们,下午好: 感谢布兰迪斯大学授予我这个荣誉学位。对于像我这样在中国从事科幻写作的人来说,这种荣誉尤为特殊。

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Marcus to Speak at National Conference on Equal Education Rights

Washington, D.C., May 16, 2019, — Upon the invitation of Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE), Mr. Kenneth Marcus, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights will be giving a featured speech on “Providing Equal Protection of the Laws to All American Children” in the First National Conference on Equal Education Rights, to be held on […]

Presidential Message on the 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike

May 10, 2019 One hundred fifty years ago, the first transcontinental railroad in the United States was completed, and our Nation was changed forever. On May 10, 1869, the final golden spike was driven into the ground at Promontory Summit, Utah, joining the tracks of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads. This unbroken rail […]

Simcere Pharmaceutical Receives Award at 2019 Boston Bio-Forum

By Dr. Shawn Xu, Executive Director, Boston Innovation Center, Simcere Pharmaceutical Group I am very honored and excited to stand here to represent Simcere to accept this leadership in community service award. First, I would like to thank CABA (Chinese American Bio-Medical Association) for providing such an excellent and successful event, thank you for honoring […]

Cai and Team Encore Win Theatre On Ice International Championship

Boston, May 1, 2019, — Grace KelsangMetog Cai and her Encore team just won 2019 Theatre On Ice International Championship in Epinal, France on April 27, 2019. Grace and her teammates were very proud when they saw American flag rising with the Star Spangled Banner at the award ceremony. Grace KelsangMetog Cai is straight A […]

Beyond Identity: The Taiwan Film Festival Searches for Dialogue

Boston, April 17, 2019, — The inaugural Taiwan Film Festival will be held on Memorial Day weekend, May 26-27 2019, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The festival is organized by a group of Taiwan movie lovers from different backgrounds, and aims to offer a platform for sharing an authentic cinematic experience of newly released […]