Second ACGA Spring Go Expo Starts on March 29 at MIT

By David Li,

Cambridge, Mass., — The American Collegiate Go Association (ACGA), in conjunction with the Ing Foundation, is hosting its second annual Spring Go Expo on March 29 at MIT. Mr. Ing Ming Hao, president of Ing Foundation, will lead a delegation from China to join this year’s Go Expo.
Group picture at first Spring Go Expo at Harvard University in March 2013 (photo by David Li).

“Events include go variants and a brief history of go outreach around the world,” reports organizer Cole Pruitt, as well as “donation of several unique Ing Foundation-commissioned ‘trick boards’ to US universities, simuls before and after lunch, and a 2-3 person simul with Chang Hao 9P against American mid-dans with live commentary.”

In addition to former world champion Chang Hao 9P, Hwa Xueming 7P and US pro Andy Liu 1P will be on hand. Mr. Chang Hao also made the trip to Cambridge last year for the first ACGA Spring Go Expo.

“And as a special bonus, everyone who pre-registers  will receive a fan signed by Chang Hao 9P upon their arrival at the Expo!” Pruitt adds/ “We still have slots available for the simul, so if anyone is interested in playing a serious game against Chang Hao, they can contact us for more info.” Lunch will be provided, and the entire event is free of charge.

According to Min Xiao of Harvard University, Mr. Ing Ming Hao will visit Harvard Yenching Library and donate and sign his father Ing Chang-ki’s biography in the morning of March 27. Ing Chang-ki (1914 — 1997) created the Ing Foundation for further promotion of Go.

The first ACGA Spring Go Expo was held at Harvard University to celebrate the ancient Chinese game of Go. Aimed at both Go players and the general public, the Expo emphasized the importance of cross-cultural education and collaboration, especially as applied to Go and its future in America.