MIT-CHIEF Demo Day Showcases Innovative Teams

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that the MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF) will host its second Demo Day on Saturday, April 5, 2014. The event will take place at 50 Vassar Street, MIT 34-101 in Cambridge, MA from 12:30 – 5:00 PM. The theme of this year’s Demo Day is Hardware vs. Software.


We also Invited VC & Executive guests to join our Demo Day, Please visit for more details about this event.

Top 2 teams will get GoPro Hero3 White Edition or UP 24 by Jawbone. We will reveal our plans for this year’s Business Plan Contest and China Trip at the event.

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Should you have any questions regarding the Demo Day, please contact Mr. Yang FAN at [email protected].

Below are teams participating this year’s Demo Day.

Belleds Technologies
Power efficient LED lighting with color and music.
Team & Location: MIT
Belleds uses LEDs to reduce energy consumption by delivering high levels of brightness, high efficiency, high reliability, and long lifetimes. The LEDs are constructed with semiconductor components thus can be easily programmed, controlled, and wirelessly connected to the internet.

Belleds has demonstrated WiFi LED light control and WiFi audio/music application. Through their in-house development and design optimization, they achieved very low product cost without scarifying quality.

Berry Logistics
The Berry Tag is a new impact detection technology that simply communicates a product’s shipping and handling information for the logistic industry.
Team & Location: University of Michigan
Based in Ann Arbor, MI, the founders are from University of Michigan. Their patented Berry Tag is applied to the outside of a product’s packaging before it ships. If the product experiences any form of unwarranted impact during its shipping and handling process, the Berry Tag will change color; indicating mishandling. Berry Tags come in multiple shapes, sizes, and sensitivities such that they can be adjusted to needs of each individual product.

Bounce Imaging
Smart throwable cameras for first responders and industrial applications.
Team & Location: MIT, Harvard i-Lab
The device, featuring cameras, LEDs and sensors, can be thrown into a dangerous space, where it captures images and data that are transmitted to the user’s mobile device. Bounce Imaging was founded by three MBA graduates from MIT Sloan, currently they are based in Harvard Innovation Lab. The venture was a 2012 Gold Prize Winner in MassChallenge; It was also named a 2013 Popular Science Invention Award winner and Invention of Year by Time Magazine.

Changing Environments
Smart urban charging and sensing hubs for cities.
Team & Location: MIT Media Lab
Changing Environments designs small-scale urban solar solutions for the urban environment. With modular approach to smart urban furniture they distribute charging and sensing hubs as a service. Their core value is to update the city for the urban generation. Charging – solar powered energy to charge phones and tablets outdoors off the grid; Sensing – environmental and behavioral data collection. Available sensors include: air quality, noise and usage pattern sampling; Analytics – data upload via GSM and back-end analysis.

Specializing in supplying the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, and multi-functional Electrical Vehicles’ DC fast chargers.
Team & Location: MIT, Tsinghua University
CZAR-POWER is a MIT-Tsinghua tech start-up, which stands ready to enter the electric vehicle (EV) charging market with an efficient, low-cost, and multi-functional charger designed to fit into consumers’ lives and garages.

Smarking is the Uber for parking, making it easy for consumers to know where is the best place to park, and promote the parking businesses when spaces are empty.
Team & Location: MIT
Smarking provides SaaS to both consumers and facilities with predictive analytics and cloud computing technologies based on large scale data sourced broadly. To quickly turn cash positive and build up the data & consumer network, we initially focus on airport parking market. Smarking has been piloting with Boston Logan Airport and collaborating with the City of Boston, expecting a regional Beta system by mid 2014. Data vending to interested GPS/map service providers and advertisement/business promotion for local merchants are also potential future services. A potential market of $3 billion is ready to be tackled.

Anonymously share photos directly with friends.
New York, NY
Created by ”Draw Something” designer Garett Peek, along with David Alson, and Philip Golbraikh, Sneeky is an anonymous social app which focuses on photos.

Verbal Care
Verbal Applications aims for better hospital care through mobile tech
Team & Location: Boston University
VerbalCare helps patients better communicate with their nursing staff, while also providing nurses with clearer understanding of patient needs. Their software works on tablets the patients use, and the nursing staff replies back to the patients with handheld devices. The system also provides workflow analysis the administration can use to see what the staff is doing, and better understand patient needs. Plus, the software can be used to improve patient engagement and provide institutions higher reimbursements for happier patients.
A location-based communications medium allows people to share information about and stay informed in their communities.
Team & Location: MIT is all about community communication. Launched at MIT in 2013, this location-based communications medium allows people to share information about and stay informed in their communities. On, anyone can be a reporter who can broadcast any important news, funny story, or big event to his or her or global communities. Users use this platform to post, upvote, and comment on events at any level of granularity, so that the community gets to decide which information is most relevant and important.

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