Harvard Hosts Book Launch Ceremony for Macroeconomics A Chinese Perspective

By Qian Liu and Gang Wu, Visiting Scholars at HKS

Cambridge, Mass., May 26, 2014, — “Macroeconomics(English version)” written by Prof. Li Xiaoxi has been published by CENGAGE Learning Singapore. This is the first Macroeconomics textbook written by Chinese economist issued internationally.

In the book launch ceremony this afternoon at Harvard University, Prof. Li Xiaoxi expounds the evolution of GDP and NI as a focus in economics history by starting with “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” written by Thomas Piketty. The book launch ceremony was organized by Chinese Students and Scholars Association(CSSA) of Harvard Kennedy School(HKS). Attendees of the ceremony congratulated Prof. Li for his book and his groundbreaking research.
Prof. Li at the book launch ceremony.

After forecasting the six developing trends of macroeconomics, Prof. compared the similarities and differences in economics studies between China and the United States by introducing the communication with Gregory Mankiw, Dwight Perkins, Benjamin Friedman and Robert Cooper in Harvard University.

Prof. Li took the international financial crisis for example, elaborating a four-country on-the-spot investigation did in State Council Research Office of China and research supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

The measurement of Green Economics development in China and the rest of the world done by Professor Li Xiaoxi was an enormous success at home and abroad. A research team led by professor Li Xiaoxi four consecutive years to complete the annual report of “China Green Economics Development Index-Regional Comparison” and “Human Green Development report 2014”. These reports aim at offspring weal, making every effort to promote the sustainable development of China and the rest of the world.

Professor Li has delivered a lecture at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences on April 24 and discussed with many professors and experts such as Michael b. McElroy, world famous environmental scientist.

Prof. Li makes a comprehensive comparison of the various ideas and achievements across the world and introduces the ideas, methodology and sorting of the Green Development Index in China, which is echoed domestically and internationally.

China’s Green Development Index Report has been reported twice on China Central Television and awarded China soft science prize in 2010. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Sustainable Development Solutions Network director Professor Jeffrey Sachs said recently that they were very impressed with the Human Green Development Report 2014. “This is a very important contribution to the SDGs. Congratulations to you and the entire project team.”

Executive Director of the United States Environmental Protection Agency Mr. Letter says he is glad to hear the publication of Human Green Development Index and hope the research team can make persistent efforts in future annual report.