Memorial Day Campaign Updates from Barry Chang

By Barry Chang, Candidate for CA Assembly district 28

2:39 PM, May 26, 2014
After having sandwiches, we started again. Precinct walkers Tim Brand and John Bartas. They are walking precincts for me today in Campbell too. What a nice street for precinct walk!

2:57 PM
An Yes from a Democrat!

3:03 PM
Two more Votes from Democrats in Campbell!

3:12 PM
An Independent vote from Campbell. Today, I have not run into any “No” vote, nor heard any Campbell voter told me that he/she voted for EL. I am very pleasantly surprised. EL’s yard sign is on the street. Yet, no Campbell voters is voting for EL. Interesting, interesting!’

3:19 PM
One democrat and one independent said they voted, but, don’t remember who they voted for. How low EL’s name recognition can go in Campbell?

3:24 PM
Weather is really hot outside. I am taking a 5 minutes water break.

3:42 PM
One more vote from a Democrat!

3:55 PM
I also saw CP’s yard sign. But, no voter told me that they are voting for CP. I just got another Republican vote. An old lady said she will have her hair done by tomorrow . If I want to take a picture with her, I can come back tomorrow after her hair is done.

4:09 PM
A 92 years old Democrat just told me Yes. He is going to vote for me.

4:10 PM
A Hispanic lady just said Yes to me!

4:25 PM
CP’s yard sign is in the area. However, no one will vote for him, not even a Republican in the area.
4:30 PM
Another Democrat who will vote for me and who took a picture with me. They are having a party for Memorial Day at his home. He said he was a Republican before. He switched to Democrat not long ago. He said he would never go back to Republican. I don’t know why for he was in a hurry to get his party ready.

4:31 PM
Taking a water break. It is really HOT!

4:59 PM
Another Yes vote from a Republican family in Campbell!

5:05 PM
An Yes vote from another Republican! This is so great!

5:18 PM
I am taking a water break. Thirsty and one more street to go.

5:32 PM
Another Republican family. She said she will vote for me. I asked her to take a picture. she declined but promised she and her husband would vote for me on June 3.

5:38 PM
Two votes from this Democratic family. She is very nice. They have a big black dog.

6:18 PM
John & Carolyn know EL. However, they told me since I am the only candidate showing up at their door and discussing with them on various issues. They will vote for me and also ask their friends and neighbors to vote for me. They registered as Independent.

6:21 PM
She is an Eastern Indian. She said she likes what I have to say. She will vote for me and ask her friends to vote for me, too. She is a democrat.

6:23 PM
I am thirsty, hungry and tired. It has been more than 7 and a half hours walking precincts. I will continue tomorrow at 10:00 AM.