BCPA 2020 One Photo a Week by Guozhong Li

BCPA 2020 One Photo a Week 一周一拍 Boston Chinese Photographer Association (BCPA) “2020 One Photo a Week” aims to train its members to capture the unusual moments in daily lives. 活动目的在训练观察,主要在日常平凡的生活中发现并记录下不平凡的瞬间。只有新奇才能产生震撼 ! 波士顿华人摄影协会(BCPA)2020年每周一拍活动 本项活动目的在训练观察,主要在日常平凡的生活中发现并记录下不平凡的瞬间。只有新奇才能产生震撼 ! The following 15 photos over 15 weeks were shot by Mr. Guozhong Li, who was president of BCPA in 2015. […]

Dr. Wu Lien Teh, Plague Fighter and Father of the Chinese Public Health System

By Zhongliang Ma and Yanli Li The Chinese scholar, journalist, and philosopher, Liang Qichao said, “From late Qing Dynasty to Republic of China, about 50 years since science came into China, only Dr. Wu Lien Teh (Fig. 1) can meet and talk with foreign scientists as a real scholar.” In 1935, he also became the first […]


1919年波士顿北端(North End)发生的蜜糖储存罐大爆炸,直接造成了21人当场死亡,150余人身受重伤。这场发生在100年前的特殊灾难,现在回想起来,当地人仍然心有余悸。甚至事件结束后,当地政府还在现场,安插了一个牌子,记录了这场惨烈的灾难。 1919年1月15日的下午,风和日丽,温度也十分反常地升高了十几度。在波士顿市区,突然一股巨大的蜜糖袭向人们。据后来专业人士调查,这股巨大的蜜糖,足足有14000多吨,高度有7、8米之高,远看就像是海啸一般。

Maya Lin’s Speech at 2018 Yale SVA Commencement

New York City, — On Monday, May 7, 2018, Radio City Music Hall hosted the 2018 Yale School of Visual Arts Commencement Exercises. Proud parents, elated students —1,180 graduates receiving degrees—and seas of red graduation gowns filled the beautiful Art Deco space on this glorious day. The centerpiece highlight, of course, was the keynote speech […]

The Power of Down to Earth / 接地氣的力量

The Power of Down to Earth — They Talk the Talk, I Walk the Walk 接地氣的力量:他們光說不練,我腳踏實地 Speech by Mayor Han Kuo-yu at Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies 韓國瑜市長在哈佛大學費正清中國研究中心的演講 Good afternoon, Director Szonyi, Director Goldstein, ladies and gentlemen, this is my greatest honor and pleasure to be here today and to begin with, I would like […]

Wilson Lee: Why I Founded the Chinese American Heritage Foundation

By Wilson Lee, Founder of Chinese American Heritage Foundation(CAHF) I would not be here were it not for those Chinese immigrants who escaped famine and came to America for opportunity — building the Transcontinental Railroad. My name is Wilson Lee. I am 5th generation, Chinese American. A descendant of Transcontinental Railroad workers. CAHF will sponsor […]