Fung Highlights Record of Public Service in Debate of R.I. Republican Governor Candidates

Cranston, R.I., June 17, 2014, –- Today, Mayor Allan Fung, candidate for Governor of Rhode Island participated in the first televised debate of the Republican Primary Election, taking his opponent to task for a liberal agenda including tax increases and support for Obamacare. At the same time, Fung highlighted his own record of achievement in standing up for the taxpayers of Cranston, cutting government spending, reforming pensions, and balancing budgets without a tax increase for three straight years. This evening, Fung participated in his first ever televised debate against Ken Block, who four years ago ran an ill-fated third party campaign for governor. Block’s 2010 campaign launched attacks against the Republican Party, while gaining only six percent of the vote. Many Republicans believe Block secured a victory for then-independent, now Democrat, Governor Lincoln Chafee.
First TV commercial stresses Fung’s record as mayor.

Fung stood firm in defending his campaign advertisements exposing Block’s record of support for President Obama and his highly controversial health care law, Obamacare. “Republican Primary Election voters and all voters of Rhode Island deserve to know the truth about Mr. Block’s record,” recounted Fung. Obamacare resulted in countless new government mandates and billions of dollars in new government spending, and Mr. Block endorsed Obamacare as the justification for voting twice for President Obama – before enactment and after enactment of Obamacare. “Voters deserve to know the truth,” stated Fung.

Fung also highlighted his achievements as a proven leader during his time as Mayor of Cranston, citing “Real Reform and Real Results,” most notably the creation of more than 1,000 new private sector jobs, cutting municipal spending and balancing budgets for three straight years without a tax increase in the city. “It’s about results not rhetoric,” exclaimed Fung, pointing to his record of fiscal reforms and the creation of well over 1,000 new jobs. Fung cited his success in creating an environment that attracts new businesses and encourages existing business to grow and expand. Fung has cut operational spending and improved the long term fiscal health of the City, cut through the red tape that causes crippling delays and will do the same for the State of Rhode Island to create the most favorable business environment in the entire Northeast.

Fung laid out the details of his $200 million comprehensive tax reform plan, which would reduce corporate, sales, and estate taxes and cut in half the minimum corporate tax, all of which hold back growth and job creation among Rhode Island employers. “On day one of the Fung administration, we will declare Rhode Island ‘Open for Business’,” Fung reiterated. Fung also identified spending cuts that would reduce the size of the state budget to offset reductions in revenue.

At the same time, Fung exposed the “bogus billion dollar plan” that Block promotes as the basis for his candidacy. Fung referred to the assessment put forth by Governor Lincoln Almond, who declared Block’s plan as the “empty rhetoric of a typical politician.” Fung exposed the most glaring deception in Block’s “Bogus Billion Dollar Plan,” which purports to identify savings within Rhode Island’s unemployment insurance program, but in reality is a cost shifting program that would not actually reduce spending but would raise unemployment taxes on certain industries that rely on seasonal workers – such as tourism and hospitality, construction, landscaping, and agricultural businesses. Fung spoke directly to the tourism industry and specifically to the President/CEO of the Rhode Island Hospitality Association, stating, “Dale Venturini, if you are listening you should be very scared,” warning that if elected, Ken Block would seek to raise taxes on the hospitality industry.

Fung stood his ground against attacks from Block questioning his character and ethical standards. Fung noted that no one ever has questioned his integrity or ethics and that it was Block who was fined by the Rhode Island Board of Elections after admitting to illegally funneling campaign contributions to the Rhode Island Moderate Party, which Block founded and controlled.

Fung supporters lined the sidewalks outside the Providence performing Arts Center to welcome Fung to the debate and reacted enthusiastically to his performance. Fung promised to ramp up efforts to publicize his achievements and to expose the liberal Ken Block agenda heading into the Rhode Island Republican Party’s nominating convention, scheduled for Thursday June 26.