After Hollywood China Night, Leehom Wang Becomes Father Early

By David Li,

Boston, July 11, 2014, — Chinese American music star Leehom Wang shared the picture below on popular Chinese social website yesterday announcing that his wife had given birth to a baby girl about a month before the due date.

“The little baby that I’ve been waiting for all this time has come to report early. Mother and daughter are doing well. Thank you everyone for your well wishes!” wrote Mr. Wang while sharing the picture.

According to media reports, Mr. Wang’s wife Lee Jing Lei was already five months pregnant when he announced that she was with child in May. They got married on Nov. 27, 2013. At 37 at the time, Leehom Wang surprised a lot of his fans as he just made public about his relationship with 27-year-old Ms. Lee the day before their wedding. The couple have named the baby Jia Li Wang.
Wang performs with Song Zuying at Hollywood China Night (from

On July 5, Leehom Wang performed at the Hollywood Bowl for the Hollywood China Night, together with popular Chinese singer Song Zuying. About 15,000 fans attended the concert that featured Chinese folk songs, acrobats, lion and dragon dances.

According to wikipedia, Wang was born in Rochester, New York. He is the second of three sons of immigrant parents from Taiwan of waishengren heritage. His father, a pediatrician, and his mother moved to the United States to further their college studies in the early 1960s. Wang is currently based in Taiwan.