Chatime Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Free Upgrade this Weekend

Boston, July 22, 2014, — In conjunction with Chatime’s 10th Year Anniversary worldwide, we would like to share our excitement and happiness with everyone, especially our Chatimers in Boston!

Come celebrate with us on July 25th /26th /27th, 2014, get free upgrade — large size with regular price when you purchase any Chatime drink! In addition, we will introduce our new drink – Earl Grey Milk Tea and distribute free samples at 12pm-1pm and 6pm-7pm during the 10th Anniversary event. Meanwhile, Chatime Boston would like to present our celebration package to customers during the event in warming up the upcoming grand openings of Newbury Store and Chinatown 2nd store. Moreover, we’re delighted to announce that Chatime Boston is partnering with FotoDish app, which is a one-stop guide to food in the Boston area.

On July 26, FotoDish will join us in celebrating our 10th Anniversary and presenting Boston Chatimers a special weekend!

About Chatime Boston:

Chatime is an international tea beverage franchise originally from Taiwan. As the first Chatime in Boston, Chatime Boston is aiming at spreading the bubble tea culture to everyone that we come across to and we hope whenever people mention about bubble tea they would think of Chatime.

Chatime has modernize the Taiwanese traditional tea culture through their implementation of creating high-tech tea machines in order to ensure high-quality drinks for our customers. We always focusing on how the taste of the original tea should taste like such as pure, sweet, and smooth. Thus, we have a tea standard formula which consists of “precise timing”, “precise quality” and “precise temperature”. So no matter where you go or which Chatime store you go to, the taste is still the same.

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