Columbia Grad Aventurina King Chasing Her Dream in China

By David Li,

Boston, August 16, 2014 — She was born in Paris. Her father is British, and her mother is American. She came to Columbia University in 2003, and started learning Chinese. Her name is Aventurina King, or 金小鱼 in Chinese, a famous TV host, actress and singer in China.
Aventurina King with famous Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming(file photo).

I met Ms. King when she visited Lexington, Mass. with a group of talented Chinese students in summer of 2012. She was one of the two hostesses of the show, produced by Hunan TV. She was already a well-known TV personality in China then.

“In my family, we talk about the Chinese Zodiac. I was born in the Year of Tiger,” said King with a smile. She mentioned that she visited Boston when she was a high school student.

It could be stressful as a TV host at Hunan TV, one of the most popular TV channels in China. King said she would travel to Guagnxi Province and Beijing, or go horse-riding in Inner Mongolia during vacation time to refresh herself.

King fell in love with the Chinese language during her first Chinese class at Columbia University. She then spent her summer vacations in China to further her studies and get to know the country. She also participated in the Chinese Bridge college student Chinese speech competition.

King’s dream is to become a professional singer. She has already composed a Chinese tune of her own and performed in a music video in Beijing. You can judge her singing talents by yourself in the music video of popular Chinese song Little Apple below.

“It’s China that gives me a sense of home,” said King during an interview in China. Maybe, it has something to do with the civilization that started 5000 years ago there.