“We Are Back” — Market Basket Employees Celebrate Historic Victory

By David Li, bostonese.com

Boston, August 28, 2014, — The parking lot of the Market Basket store in Hudson, Mass. is about half full in the afternoon of August 27. There was a huge sign at the traffic light leading to the shopping plaza on a hill which reads: Market Basket Boycott Over!! Thank you for all you support. Welcome back!!!
A sign at the intersection of route 62 and entrance road to Highland Common in Hudson, Mass. (photo by David Li).

It’s very rare if not unheard of in the US that employees of a company can choose its CEO, and succeed in doing so by striking for six weeks. Arthur T. is back as CEO, and strick is over. Comparing to the political system, many US companies are dominated by large share holders who sometimes behave like dictators and pay more attention to the earnings per share on quarterly basis than to the long term viability of the company or to its employees and customers.

The following state is posted on the wearemarketbasket.com website in the evening of August 27.

“Tonight, the resolution we all have been fighting for for so long has come to be. The Board of Directors has approved the sale of the company to the family of Arthur T. Demoulas and we are back in the building starting tomorrow! The entire management team including those fired and those who resigned will be back as well to start the process of rebuilding. Most importantly, ATD is back!!”

The following is a joint statement from MA Gov. Deval Patrick and NH Gov. Maggie Hassan.

“Market Basket is a major employer in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and an important local resource for the communities the company serves. We are delighted that the parties have reached agreement on terms of sale and resolution of operating authority, so that employees can return to work and customers will once again be able to rely on these stores to meet their needs.”

Customers were also delighted as the saga was finally over. Many of them have stayed away from Market Basket this summer in support of its striking employees. Even thought not all shelves have been stocked yet, some loyal customers showed up on the first day after the strike was over just to say hello to the workers at Market Basket, and celebrate the amazing victory they have achieved.