What Every Parent Needs to Know About the SSAT & ISEE

Boston, August 21, 2014, — Choosing a private school for your child to attend is an important decision you may soon face.This decision will impact the entire scope of your child’s education and therefore should not be entered into lightly. Choosing which entry exam your child takes is just as important and requires a deep understanding of what is tested and how the questions are presented.

The ISEE and SSAT are used by private schools in much the same way as the SAT and ACT are used by colleges. These tests strive to measure each student’s academic and reasoning abilities. The ISEE and SSAT are also similar to the SAT and ACT in that Chyten has proven unique abilities and proprietary strategies that help students decipher the correct answers in order to maximize scores.Further, Chyten has the experience and expertise to build each child’s confidence and motivation in order to ensure that all the requirements for the highest possible scores are in place.

While some schools require either the ISEE or SSAT, there are institutions that accept either test. You should contact each school to determine its admission policy, or ask Chyten to provide guidance in this area. It is also important to consider that the ISEE is administered in three levels (Lower 4th/5th, Middle 6th/7th, Upper 8th +), while the SSAT has two levels (5th through 7th and 8th through 11th). At Chyten, we assist families in choosing the best course of action for each child and to formulate a plan that will lead your child to the ultimate goal of acceptance into the right private school.

At a quick glance the ISEE and SSAT exams seem very similar. They both contain verbal, reading comprehension, mathematics and writing sections, but there are notable differences in the two exams. One way in which they differ, is that the ISEE contains sentence completion questions, while the SSAT uses analogies. In the mathematics section, the ISEE uses quantitative comparison questions, while the SSAT does not. The quantitative comparison questions, which are found in the Middle and Upper ISEE test only, require students to use mathematical knowledge to solve problems, and compare two values to determine the relative values of each. This should be a point to consider, when choosing which test will highlight your child’s strengths as a student. Choosing the test that coincides with your child’s aptitudes will set them up for success and increase the chances of acceptance into your chosen schools.

The method in which the two tests are scored is different as well. The SSAT avoids rewarding random guessing by penalizing incorrect answers with a ¼ point deduction. Conversely, the ISEE does not factor incorrect answers into scoring the test. Despite these discrepancies in scoring, statically there is not an adverse effect in random guessing. Students should always make their best educated guess, and use the learned Chyten strategies to deduce the appropriate answer, whether they are taking the ISEE or SSAT. Remember to break down each question on the test, don’t overthink each answer and eliminate the obviously wrong or extreme answers. The test is not designed to trick the student. It is also important to answer every question and stay focused on the task at hand. By using these Chyten strategies as well as the numerous other strategies that Chyten students master through our test preparation program, success and admission to your chosen school can be obtained.

Once you have chosen the test that will best demonstrate your child’s strengths, your next step will be to choose the proper tutor or preparation program. That is where Chyten comes in. Chyten takes the guesswork out of the process, setting up your child with the perfect tutor or class to fit his or her learning style and starting point. In all cases Chyten programs infuse your child with the skills needed for success and the motivation needed to surpass expectation.

SSAT or ISEE success begins with a phone call to Chyten at 1-800-428-TEST(8378). Then, our trained educational professional will guide the process from start to finish. You can trust Chyten with the academic success of your child.

To learn more about SSAT & ISEE classes at Chyten , please visit www.chyten.com or www.thechytencenter.com.