Asian Americans Turn Out to Vote in Today’s MA Primaries

By David Li,

Lexington, Mass. Sept. 9, 2014, — Low voter turnout is expected in today’s state primary elections. At 7:53 AM, only 18 votes have been collected at the polling station in the town hall of Boxborough, Mass., which has a population around 5,000.
Leland Cheung speaks at a townhall meeting Sunday morning in Winchester (photo by David Li).

In town of Lexington on the route 128 belt, quite a few Asian American voters have already voted this morning. “I went to vote early morning and took some pictures of the site of Precinct 4. No matter who you vote, it is important to go and vote, ” said Melanie Lin of Lexington. Leland Cheung, candidate for Lt. Governor, has campaigned very hard to win the support of Asian American and other minority voters. “With low voter turnout, each vote would have more weight, ” said Ms. Lin.

Mr. Weidong Wang, Lexington Housing Authority member, sent out the following email reminder Monday night: “Just want to quickly remind everyone who can vote to go out to vote in tomorrow’s state primary where each party will decides its candidate for the State Election on 11/4/2014.”

Boston Forward Foundation also sent out email reminders asking people remember to vote in today’s primaries. It hosted a townhall meeting with Leland Cheung Sunday afternoon at Lynch School in Winchester. The following is a video report in Chinese about the townhall meeting.

Massachusetts is one of the open primary states which allow unenrolled/independent voters to vote in either Democratic or Republican primary. If you are an independent voter, you need to say which ballot you want: Democratic or Republican at the polling station.

The following are the candidates from each party for state-wide offices. Leland Cheung is the only minority candidate among the 16 candidates for state-wide offices for this year’s primary in the state.

Democratic Republican
US Senator Edward Markey Brian Herr
Governor Donald Berwick Charles Baker
Martha Coakley Mark Fisher
Steven Grossman
Lt. Governor Leland Cheung Karyn Polito
Stephen Kerrigan
Michael Lake
Attorney General Maura Healey John Miller
Warren Tolman
Secretary of State William Galvin David D’Arcangelo