Innovative Reward System by 12-Year-Old Tristan Pang

Tristan Pang, age 12, studies math at the University of Auckland (file photo).

In answering the question: “What should Auckland spend money on to become the world’s most liveable city?”. Tristan Pang shares his idea of an innovative reward system relating to education. The ultimate goal is to increase the morality of people, and hence, making Auckland the world’s most livable city.

The Auckland Council should spend money on education thereby giving young people a better start to make Auckland the world’s most liveable city!

While education is the role of central government, Auckland Council is a key stakeholder in this process. (However, if Auckland Council is not doing it, I will!)

Burglaries are a big problem in Auckland. My house was been broken into for the 5th time last week. Education is both the long and short term solution to this problem. It will enable us to learn what is right and wrong, and the consequences of each action. We will grow up to be responsible. And with higher education, we can get even better jobs.

But how can education be modified to help over the short run? Well…I suggest a reward system to be set up in areas of high social and economic opportunity needs. This reward is something that meets people’s basic needs. That is…food! Students who do well at school, for example, getting good marks accumulated weekly, will go home with a basket of food. If a child behaves well or works hard at school, he or she will help the whole family! The whole family will feel proud and also learn that working hard and behaving well is rewarding. So these family members will become good citizens. Then, there will be more responsible people and less burglaries in Auckland.

We can do it, Auckland!

The creator is 12-year-old Tristan Pang who is studying university level maths. He has taught himself all the high school maths curriculum before the age of 5. He learnt vertically, topic by topic without taking any notice of the year levels.The objective of his website is to share his way of learning. In his videos, he won’t tell you the year level of each episode. And by the last episode of each topic, you will know you have already reached the year 13 level.

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The following is his speech at TEDx youth Auckland which he did last year (2013).