This Video Is Banned in Japan

Japanese troops occupied the campus of Xiamen University in 1938 (file photo).

American director Oliver Stone visited Hiroshima on the “Atomic Bomb Memorial Day” and gave a speech. He compared Germany and Japan after World War II, and delivery fiery criticism of Japan’s political situation. He asked government leaders to reflect on the United States, Japan and China relations.

In the case of the Diaoyu Islands, China, Mr. Stone pointed out that the U.S. wanted to keep the status quo, and intended to return to Asia by Japan to contain China. Most Japanese media without making detailed report of this speech.

A user made the following comments below the video on

“In the work of Japanese writer Akutagawa Ryūnosuke: “Rashomon”, a jobless servant considering a thief did bad thing should be punishing so he robbed the thief. Same offence and without guilty. I think this might be the way of thinking Japanese standing.The first reasons, Japanese still not apologize for their WWII crime.

Second, Japanese believe beside themselves the rest of Asian are lower should be ruled by right of conquest. Japanese admire stronger figures, discriminate those who are weak include themselves. When someone becomes weak, commit suicide could be the solution.

Third, perhaps the mainly one, supported by the America for those embarrassed enormous profits.”