TEA — Poem by a Dancer

Nuo An is a renowned choreographer and dancer based in New York City (photos provided to bostonese.com).

As member of Chinese Dancers Association and member of American Dance Therapy Association, Nuo An uses dance as a language to convey psychological, spiritual, cultural, and social meaning to the audience to increase our awareness of the inner self and the outside world.

By Nuo An

In the summer I went to Chengdu
And drunk some tea
In that moment
I was nobody
I was tea

Sometimes my body is empty, a tunnel, a channel
I’m just the leaf, I’m just tea, I’m just nature

The tea is the person here
Sitting with me
And the dance just comes

I feel comfortable, empty, and the movement comes
I have no thinking
No beat

Each tea is different
I sip it and get into my body
The tea gives its spirit to our body

How can I find individual and universal feelings?
People have different feelings about tea
Some relate to work and break time
Some to a lazy afternoon with friends.

The tea told me ‘you must know me’
It traveled up through my throat, my face
And came out from the top of my head

Tea is a fairy sending out charming fragrance
Tea is a sparrow flying for freedom
Tea is a seed grounding for lives