Shouying Liu Visits Dr. Tea and Gives Talk at Harvard

Cambridge, Dec. 3, 2014, –The well-known Chinese economist and Vice Minister of Department of Rural Development Shuoying Liu gave a talk on China’s Urbanization and land reform at Harvard Graduate School of Design this evening. A visiting scholar at Harvard Kennedy School, Mr. Liu just finished his invited lecture at International Monetary Fund(IMF) yesterday, among many of his lectures at famous universities and world-class organizations.
Shuoying Liu (right) visits Dr. Tea’s tea house at Harvard Square (file photo).

According to Harvard Kennedy School information, Liu Shouying serves as the deputy director general and researcher of Rural Economy Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC). Liu taught land issues at the 31th Collective Study of the 17th CPC Politburo.

Liu graduated from the department of Economics at Fudan University, and was a visiting scholar at the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics and the Land Research Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research topics have included institutional changes, land tenure, development economics, and urbanization. Liu has been in charge of a number of projects funded by the Ford Foundation, the China Development Fund, the World Bank and other organizations. He has also been a principal in scores of provincial and ministerial key research projects commissioned by the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group Office, the Ministry of Land and Resources, and the China Society of Economic Reform(CSER).

Liu has published nearly 50 articles in domestic and international core journals. His publications include Land Tenure Reform and National Economic Growth, The Pattern of Urbanization and Land Tenure Reform, Risks and Reform of Land-Based Development Model, The Double and Paratactic Tracks of Urbanization: Risks and Solutions, Capitalization of Land and Rural Industrialization, The Land System and Land Investment under Household Responsibility System, and Study on China’s Agrarian Institutional Change. Liu research interests include the strategic research of China’s land resources, urbanization, and land systems.”