Boston Prepares for Blizzard of 2015

Boston, Jan. 26, 2014, — Gov. Charlie Baker and Mayor Martin Walsh has been busy to get the state and city ready for a huge snowstorm starting tonight. According to forecast by National Weather Service, the snowstorm will begin in Boston area starting this evening and last for at least 24 hours and bring 2-3 feet snowfall across the state.
Pictures from Blizzard of 2013 in the Greater Boston Area.

Boston public schools are open today, and will likely close tomorrow. Widespread power outage is expected for coastal areas. Local grocery stores have been packed with worried shoppers to stack up food, beverage and batteries.

Governor Charlie Baker released the following statement regarding the upcoming blizzard:

“Based on the latest weather forecasts, numerous conversations with the National Weather Service and the team at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, we anticipate a very significant storm, beginning around dusk on Monday evening,” said Governor Baker. “The peak of the storm is expected to occur between midnight Monday and mid-day Tuesday, but snow will continue to fall well into Tuesday night. Unless forecasts change between now and tomorrow evening, people across Massachusetts should presume that roads on Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday, will be very hard, if not impossible, to navigate, that power outages are a distinct possibility, and that most forms of public transportation may not be available. We will keep everyone up to date on the storm and the state’s preparation and response efforts tomorrow and Tuesday and ask that all take the necessary precautions for this significant storm.”

Mayor Martin J. Walsh released the following statement regarding the Blizzard Watch for the City of Boston on Sunday:

“I have been in constant communication with all City departments regarding the blizzard watch that has been issued for the City of Boston beginning Monday evening and continuing through early Wednesday. Our City has been through blizzards before and I am confident we are prepared. Public Works has 700 pieces of equipment ready, over 35,000 tons of salt on hand and snow farms are being readied for anticipated removal operations. Once the storm begins, I ask everyone to be vigilant, stay inside and off the roads or use public transportation when possible, and remember to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled. Anyone who suspects carbon monoxide poisoning should call 911 immediately. I also ask residents to remove snow, slush and ice from sidewalks, curbs and to keep fire hydrants clear.”