Three-Day Snowstorm to Add 20+ Inches on Top of Record Snowfall, Boston Schools Close on Monday and Tuesday

BOSTON – February 8, 2015 – Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced today that due to the ongoing snow storm, with expected accumulations of up to 24 inches, Boston Public Schools will be closed Monday, February 9 and Tuesday, February 10. A snow emergency parking ban will go into effect in the City of Boston at 4pm today, and towing will being at 6pm.

Information on the storm will continue to be updated on To register for Alert Boston, please visit:

“With expected accumulations of nearly two feet over the next 36 hours, we are activating our Emergency Operations Center to monitor the storm throughout its duration,” said Mayor Walsh. “Boston has seen an unprecedented amount of snow in the past three weeks, and I’m asking residents to remain vigilant during this snow event.”


Due to the forecast and expected clean-up efforts, the Mayor has called for all Boston Public Schools on both Monday, February 9 and Tuesday, February 10. All after-school activities on Monday are canceled. Digital educational resources and materials are always available online at the Boston Public Schools website:

Boston Centers for Youth and Families (BCYF) will have 14 facilities open from 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. both Monday and Tuesday. All are welcome, and children age 7 and older can be dropped off upon completion of a short intake form. Visit the BCYF website for center locations: Tips

  • Please help your neighbors and do your part to assist during this snow event by clearing sidewalks and shoveling out hydrants.
  • Have a contractor check the roof to see if snow needs to be removed. If roof snow can be removed from the ground with the use of a snow rake, do so with caution. Avoid working from ladders and be mindful of slippery surfaces.
  • Shoveling snow requires significant exertion, please be cautious and pay attention to symptoms. Stop if you feel chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheaded, nauseous/vomiting. Call 911 if those symptoms do not resolve quickly when you stop exertion.
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a concern during winter weather, especially with the use of generators.Residents should be sure to use their home heating systems wisely and safety, and have a working carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your home. Call 911 immediately if you suspect Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
  • Sitting in a car while idling can be deadly if the tailpipe is blocked. Do not let children sit in an idling car while shoveling.  Clear any household exhaust pipes of snow. For example, gas exhaust from heating system or dryer.
  • Remember to keep catch basins and fire hydrants clear.
  • Snow piles can make navigating intersections dangerous for walkers and drivers, please take extra care when turning corners with snow piles that might limit visibility.
  • If you see a person in need of shelter, of it there is an emergency, please call 911.
  • Please check on neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled.
  • For those with questions or concerns, help is available through several channels. The Mayor’s Hot Line (617-635-4500) will be running with extra staff around the clock for the next two days and the City’s social media and mobile technology strategy will be in full effect throughout the storm. Residents can tweet @notifyboston with a question or concern, and use the Citizens Connect app to report issues.

Public Works

The Public Works Department (PWD) currently has 350 trucks scraping, widening, and salting streets across the City, with 15,000 tons of salt on hand.

Two snow melters are melting snow at two of the city’s five snow farms in anticipation of the snow removal program following this storm.

You can track the PWD response to the snowstorm in your neighborhood using the newly launched Boston Snow Stats platform, available online here:
Trash and Recycling
For residents who live in Beacon Hill, Bay Village, or Chinatown, where trash and recycling is collected 2 times per week on (MondayFriday), Monday collection is cancelled and the next collection will take place on Friday February 13th.
For residents in Back Bay, Fort Hill, Roxbury, and sections of *Jamaica Plain where trash and recycling is collected 2 times per week (Monday and Thursday) schedule , Monday collection is cancelled, and the next collection will take place on Thursday February 12th.
South Boston, Charlestown no delay.
For residents in South End, Mission Hill, Roxbury, where trash and recycling is collected 2 times per week (Tuesday and Friday ), there will be the regular schedule with no delay
All other sections of the City delayed a day
*if you live in sections of Jamaica Plain that receive trash and recycling collection 1 time per week, collection is delayed a day
ParkingIn order to allow plows to do their job, after 6:00 p.m. cars park on major roadways will be towed.

Minimizing the number of vehicles parked on our streets will allow snowplows to get to the curb and clear the snow.  In addition, drivers are asked to park with safety in mind and refrain from parking in any manner that will jeopardize public safety, including, within 20 feet from an intersection, more than a foot from the curb, at handicap ramps, crosswalks and fire hydrants.

The City of Boston is opening its municipal parking lots to neighborhood residents for long-term parking during the storm.  In addition, the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) has worked with private parking lot and garage owners in Boston to secure 15,500 free or discounted parking spaces for Boston Residents. Residents are asked to please remove vehicles from streets that are posted as “Snow Emergency” Arteries and park them in these alternate off-street locations.


Public Libraries

All Boston Public Libraries to be closed on Monday, February 9.

Helping the Homeless

Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) will continue to coordinate their city-wide network of emergency shelters, outreach providers, city agencies and first responders to assist the homeless during this impending storm. Shelters are kept open during the day for the safety and well being of our clients. Beginning Monday, the site at Southampton Street will also offer daytime hours. Throughout the storm, BPHC will encourage our guests to remain indoors in our shelter network for their safety.

Working with the Pine Street Outreach Team and Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, BPHC actively seeks out individuals and helps them find shelter during a cold snap, providing food, clothing, blankets, medical assistance to those in need.

All individuals seeking shelter should go to Central Intake, located at Woods Mullen Shelter – 794 Massachusetts Avenue in the South End at the corner of Melnea Cass Boulevard and Massachusetts Avenue.

Community Meetings

All community meetings for Monday have been canceled. 

City Workers

In the City of Boston, only emergency operations personnel will be required to report to work on Monday