Tonight, We Host Lunar New Year Gala!

By Susan Qu, Jian Ni

Susan: Good evening, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2015 New England Chinese-American Professionals New Year Gala. My name is Susan Qu, one of the 5 co-chairs on the gala organizing committee.
Jian: My name is Jian Ni, I’m also one of the five co-chairs.

Susan: Now we are celebrating the Chinese New Year of 2015. Saying farewell to the Year of the Horse, we welcome the arrival of the Year of the Goat. Now allow me to kick-off this gala with a New Year wish. We wish everyone here a happy, healthy, and successful new year.

Susan/Jian: Happy New Year!
(from left)Susan Qu, Jian Ni and Xin Xiong get ready for raffle drawing(photo by David Li).

2.Gala Introduction (Organization and VIPs)
Susan: It has been such an amazing experience to work with 16 professional organizations, with members from all walks of life, to prepare this wonderful event. Hope many of you have enjoyed the multiple afternoon sessions, covering various topics including marketing innovation, career development, health consultation, and something new we offered this year: cultural salon.

Jian: This year we had our 3rd “Meet Your Right One” event this afternoon, I hope those who participated have met some “right” people.

Susan:The following are the participating professional associations in alphabetical order.
Jian: 128 Chinese Union of Technology Enterprises (128 CUTE)
Susan: American Chinese Medical Association (ACMA )
Jian: Art & Science Educational Association (AASEA)
Susan: Ascend New England ( Pan-Asian Leaders in Accounting and Finance)
Jian: Boston Chinese Photography Association (BCPA)
Susan: Chinese-American BioMedical Association (CABA)
Jian: Chinese Actuarial Club (CAC)
Susan: Chinese-American IP Law Association (CAIPLA)
Jian: Chinese Young Professionals Network (CYPN)
Susan: Harvard US-China Economic Interaction Council (HUCEIC)
Jian: Hong Kong Association of Massachusetts (HKAMA)
Susan: MIT Economic & Talent Forum (MIT-ETF)
Jian: The National Association of Asian American Professionals – Boston Chapter (NAAAP Boston)
Susan: New England Chinese Information and Networking Association (NECINA)
Jian: Overseas Chinese-American Entrepreneurs Association (OCEAN)
Susan: The Chinese Finance Association (TCFA)

Jian: We are very honored to have several distinguished guests who are here to spend the evening with us. We will introduce some of them to you at this time. As we speak your name, please stand up and wave your hands so the audience may recognize you.

Susan/Jian: From the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, Deputy Consul General, Ms Zhang Meifang, Consul Ms. Ma Cuihong, Consul Mr. Fu Kefei

Dr. Gang Chen- head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Mr. Leland Cheung- Cambridge City Councilor 剑桥市议员
Dr. Pam Y. Eddinger – President of Bunker Hill Community College
Dr. Chiang J. Li -founder, president, CEO of Boston Biomedicals
Dr. Zong-Guo Xia, Professor and Vice Provost for Research & Strategic Initiatives from Umass Boston
Director of HKETO – Mr. Steve Barclay
Performing artist of Suona – Mr. Yazhi Guo

3. Deputy Consul General speech & Citation letters

Jian: Please welcome, from Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, Deputy Consul General, Zhang Meifang to the stage.

Consul speech
Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York

Susan: Thank you Deputy Consul General Zhang, for coming to Boston all the way from New York to celebrate the New Year’s day with us, and thanks for the warm congratulations!

Jian: Next, we want to acknowledge the support of several people who couldn’t be with us tonight. We have received greeting letters from US senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren; Congressman Joseph Kennedy III; Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, and from Massachusetts Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz.

Susan: Now we are going to start serving dinner, please remain seated and enjoy your food.

4. Raffle #1

Jian: This year we are adding the raffle program, hopefully to bring more fun to the gala event. It is time for our first round of raffle drawing. 今年我们第一次加入抽奖环节,希望给各位带来惊喜。

Susan: After this many rounds of storms, my car is crying out for a makeover! I am sure most of you are with me. Tonight, there will be a lucky winner who will receive the $205 value gift certificate from Planet Subaru for Car detailing services.

Susan :Next one is a $430 Travel system Baby stroller donated by Good Baby International: New couple would love to welcome their babies with the system in hand.

Susan: we also have Delta US domestic and international round trip tickets, and Cathay Pacific round trip tickets to Hong Kong!

Susan: Let’s welcome Ms. Elisabeth Fletcher, Delta Airline US sales account executive, to the stage to pick the lucky winner.

Susan: Let’s welcome Marius Carstensen, Cathay Pacific Airways District sales manager to the stage to find the lucky winner.

Jian: this concludes the first round of ruffle drawing. Thank you for your participation. We will have the final round at the end of performance B

5. Awards

Susan: I would like to point out that this event would not have happened, without the contributions from our sponsors. We’d like to extend our sincere appreciations to them for their generous support! Last year, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care received Platinum Sponsorship Award for becoming our first ever Platinum Sponsor; our long term sponsor KPMG also received a Five Year Gold Sponsor Anniversary Award for their support all the way from beginning, joined by 5 other sponsors who have supported the Gala for 5 years as well, and received Community Service Awards.

Jian: This year, we continue to have Harvard Pilgrim Health Care as our Platinum Sponsor and three Gold Sponsors: KPMG, Nixon Peabody, and Boston Biomedical.

Jian: All the sponsors are listed on the program book and on the CPN website.

Susan: Now we are honored to present the Community Service Award to recognize the continuous contributions of a sponsor who have supported the Gala for the 5th year. I would like to invite _Mr.Jing Wang from NYlife to come to the stage to receive the awards.

Jian: NY Life representative on the stage…..Present awards……Mr. Wang please remain on the stage for a photo.

Jian: Our next award is the Leadership in Community Service Award, the recipient is the Performance director Zhenhua Lai. Including this year, it is the 4th year Zhenhua leads the performance team to provide the high quality, some of them at international or national level performance to the community. He will go to Chicago to start his career soon, we’d like to take this opportunity to let him know how much we appreciate his contribution! May I invite Zhenhua to come to the stage

Zhenhua please remain on the stage for a photo.

6. Keynote speeches

Susan: Now I will ask another Gala co-chair, Dr. Hongfang Yang to come to the podium, and introduce our keynote speakers.

Hongfang comes to the podium and introduce the speaker.

Gang Chen MIT, head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering) – Kathy Zhang invited
Leland Cheung first generation American run for Lieutenant Governor, with experience over the last 5 years as a locally elected Cambridge City Councilor)
President of Bunker Hill college – Dr. Pam Y. Eddinger

Jian: Please join me giving the speakers another round of applause for the wonderful speech!

7. Charity Fundraising slide

*show fundraising slide
Susan: The Gala is not only about having fun, it is also a platform for community service. We have a different theme for fundraising every year. For example, in 2010, the gala raised funds to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake, last year, we funds was raised to support the Boston Children’s Hospital, and this year, we will show our support again to the American Cancer Society. 今天咱们新英格兰地区的华人欢聚一堂,除了分享新春的喜悦,我们还要借此机会,回馈社会。

Jian: American Cancer Society was ranked as the 10th “most popular charity in America.” Your generosity allows American Cancer Society to help more people fight back against cancer; your help can save a cancer patient’s life!

Susan: Some lovely flower girls and boys will go to your table with beautiful roses. Please show your support to American Cancer Society by buying flowers from these girls and boys. The flowers are $5 each. Unlike raffle tickets, these flowers are $20 for four, not five. 

Jian: We would like to invite our 21 angles to the stage.
(angel team ready waiting at the stage)

8. Co-chairs on stage, thank the full team
Susan: Now Jian and I would like to recognize and thank our three other Co-Chairs, Dr. Hongfang Yang, Mrs. Jackie Yang, and Mrs. Wendy Ho, for their hard work in overseeing this event. Let’s welcome them up here to the stage.

Jian: Of course, without the volunteers from the organizing committee, this event would not be possible. We would like to express our thanks to those whose names are on the screen, plus many others, have spent countless hours and efforts in the past several months, to prepare for this event.

Susan: Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s give them a big round of applause for a job well done!

Jian: Now, please get some flowers from the lovely children to show your support. We will present cultural performance part B soon, followed by the final round of raffle drawing. Please stay and enjoy!

2nd raffle drawing (after performance B) (helpers and sponsors ready on the stage)

*slide of 2nd raffle
Susan: Hope you enjoyed tonight’s performance. Now we are starting Round 2, which is the final round raffle drawing: $50 Macy’s gift card, Delta US domestic ticket, CX Ticket to Hong Kong.

Jian: if you don’t have a car, you probably don’t need car detailing service, if you don’t have a baby yet, you may not need get the baby stroller ready; But our next raffle gift is something that everyone can use. It is a $50 Macy’s gift card.
(Playing drum when drawing ruffle. Host announce number)

Susan: Let’s welcome Ms. Elisabeth Fletcher, Delta US sales account executive, to the stage to pick the lucky winner 现在来抽三角航空公司的一张国内,一张国际往返机票
(Playing drum when drawing ruffle. Host announce number)

Jian: Let’s welcome Marius Carstensen, Cathay Pacific Airways District sales manager to the stage to find the lucky winner for us. 现在来抽国泰航空公司的一张往返香港国际机票
(Playing drum when drawing ruffle. Host announce number)

Jian: Congratulations to the winners! That is a good start to the new year!
Next, Dance and Karaoke will start soon. Please stay and enjoy. Again, thank you for being with us tonight, and we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Susan/Jian: HAPPY Chinese NEW YEAR!