Tufts Medical Center Honored at Kwong Kow Chinese School Fundraising Gala

By Menglei Han, bostonese.com

Boston, Feb. 3, 2015, — Kwong Kow Chinese School(KKCS) held a fundraising dinner party at the Empire Garden Restaurant in Boston Chinatown recently. The theme of the party is “Heritage, Innovation, and Responsibility.” Nearly 500 people attended the party and donated. KKCS collected about $180,000 for their future development. Boston City Councilor-At-Large Michelle Wu, a volunteer at KKCS years ago, congratulated the achievements by the its teachers and students.
Theresa Tsoi gives Make the Difference award to Michael Wagner, CEO of Tufts Medical Center (photo by Menglei Han).

Accompanied by clashing gongs and beating drums, the fundraising party started with the most Chinese traditional performance Lion Dance. The gala featured a strong atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture. Guests enjoyed delicious food as well as watching Kung Fu and dancing performances by students. Councilor Wu attracted people’s attention when she brought her one-month-old son Blaise, sleeping in the arms of his father Conor Pewarski. Many guests asked to take photos with Councilor Wu and her family.
During the evening ceremony, The Chair of Board of Directors of KKCS Theresa Tsoi thanked attendees, the community, and organizations that had supported and helped the school over past decades. Tufts Medical Center, Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Marla Leung were given the Make the Difference award. Ms Tsoi said that the Tufts Medical Center had always supported nonprofit organizations in the area, and made itself part of the Chinatown community.
“We do it not because it is easy, but worthwhile” the school principal Xiufen Zeng quoted President Kennedy’s classic line after Apolo’s landing on the moon when she talked about the reason of establishing Kwong Kow Chinese School. She also said that the Kwong Kow Chinese School always aims at reserving, inheriting and spreading Chinese culture in America. Over years, the school has educated generations of Chinese Americans who still carry their root culture. In addition, she said the school also provides innovative classes in order to help new immigrants to adapt to the American society and become qualified and responsible American citizens.

Kwong Kow Chinese school is located at Boston Chinatown. It has a history of 99 years. The mission of the school is “inheriting Chinese culture, educating, and serving the society.” The school provides professional and casual Chinese course, including advanced Chinese, tourism Chinese, Business Chinese, and etc. In addition, the school provides classes related to Chinese cultures, including traditional Chinese music, dancing, calligraphy, painting, martial art, and etc.