HCSSA Hosts Harvard China Day Celebrations

By Dr. Tea at Mylovetea Harvard Square Tea house

Feb. 28, 2015, Cambridge, Mass., — Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HCSSA) presented an authentic Chinese cultural fest at the Science Center Plaza, the very heart of the Harvard campus On Friday, Feb. 27, between 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM. The 2015 Harvard China Day festivities included panda sculpture painting and a variety of traditional Spring Festival games. It is a great celebrating and interacting event for Harvard students to enjoy and appreciate Chinese culture.
Dr. Tea and other HCSSA volunteers setting up the banners and decorations for Harvard China Day.

HCSSA organizers and volunteers come early, putting banner and all kind of cute goat, sheep, fortune, lanterns and other Chinese traditional decorations, creating a great environment for people to have a taste of China. The Chinese New Year of Goat started a week ago on Feb. 19.

The highlight of the Harvard China Day Come was that people tries to show off their artistic creativity painting those lovely panda sculptures.
People line up for painting panda sculptures.

Five people were selected online for guaranteed panda painting at the event. And the rest of those pandas were open to public on a first-come, first-serve basis. People enthusiastically lined up for painting panda sculptures
Dr. Tea & Jia Ni, the Harvard MC for Ivy League Spring festival celebration showing a panda.

A lot of people come enjoy the event, some of them American, while some painting artists come from Beijing and are interviewed by many medias coming to enjoy and report.
Artists interviewed by Reporters on spot for their panda sculpture painting
Dr. Tea and his friends paint rainbow and Tai-chi symbol on panda.

While My Love Tea Dr. Tea and his friends also having fun working as artists painting rainbow and taiqi on panda, wishing everybody great luck and a colorful and smooth life in the New Year.
Fundraising at Harvard China Day.
People enjoy games at Harvard China Day.
Books about Panda are given to artists who participate as a gift

The organizer told people to come from more painted pandas that will be on exhibition in the Spring. Stay tuned and ready to show-off your artistic creativity painting the panda sculptures!

The Harvard China Day is a great celebration for the fading away of the snowstorm and a great new year!