Singapore — A National Prays for Lee Kuan Yew

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wrote on Facebook when sharing the picture above:”Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers for my father. I am deeply touched by them. Have been looking at some old photos from our family collection. So many happy memories over a lifetime.”

By Lim Ee Ling, Singapore

Please recover and be the fighter like you always do. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for the nation which has benefitted many many generations. I wish we can tell you personally how grateful we are to be Singaporean.

We visited Bhutan and had the rare and almost unbelievable chance to meet up with the King of Bhutan in year 2011.

We saw the some of the local kneeling while waiting for the arrival of the King and being tourist, we stood at the end of the line.

The King noticed us and shook hand with us asking us where are we from. We proudly said SINGAPORE and he said OH.. Mr Lee Kuan Yew.. The powerful man!!!

How proud we were! Yes we told him, Singapore will not be what it is without the foresight and scarfice of Mr Lee and we will be nothing without you.

Many may not agree with your leadership style. We don’t know. We belong to the generation where we were already enjoying the result of your leadership. If not we could be working as digging drain in another country.

While in Taiwan, the taxi driver envied us. He spoke of our Country with envy and respect for you.

While in Vietnam, the local looked at our Singapore passport with envy.

While in Hong Kong, we were identified to be Singaporean the moment we spoke English. We were told Singapore is the few Asia country that can speak good English. Thank you Mr Lee.

Your book on the “Bilingual, your life long journey” pays off!!

The minority that does not support you lack the vision to work towards the same goal. That is because, Singaporeans because of your vision and contribution all has a job if we want. That is why, these group of people has leisure time to complain and thinks they know better!

Dear Doctors, please cure Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The whole nation is behind you and your team. How can God not be touched by the whole nation’s prayer?