— Gary Locke, Please Run for President

( editorial)Boston, April 15, 2015, — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in a video on social networks of her decision to run for president. She is the only Democrat who announced his or her candidacy for president so far. As we celebrate the One Boston Day today, calls former Washington Gov. and BU Law School grad Gary Locke to run for president so that voters can have more choices. At the time of rising tension and extremism around the world, we need a strong leader like Gary Locke.

Republican Senator Confucian Marco Rubio announced his candidacy for president on Tuesday, and become the third Republican to do so. The other two candidates are Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Some political commentators believe that the Governors make better presidential candidates than Senators as they have executive management experience while Senators are responsible for making laws. Reagan and Clinton were Governors of California and Arkansas respectively, and they are widely regarded as the most successful post-Vietnam War Presidents.

Recently released polls show that more than 70 percent of Democratic voters want someone to challenge Hillary Clinton for Democratic nomination. The Boston Globe recently published an editorial calling for the Massachusetts US Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for President.

Compared to Senator Warren, Gov. Locke’s has broader political experiences in local, state and federal governments. Locke, 65, was born in Seattle, Washington. In 1997, he was elected Governor of Washington State, and became the first Chinese-American governor. He won an overwhelmingly re-election in 2001. He served as 36th Sectary at Department of Commerce from March 2009 to July 2011. In March 2011, President Barack Obama officially nominated Locke as US ambassador to China, and he was confirmed by the Senate on July 27, 2011. In February 2014, Gary Locke resigned from the ambassadorship for personal reasons.

While growing up in Seattle as a third-generation Chinese American, Locke listened to his father’s WWII stories. James Locke served as a staff sergeant in the U.S. Fifth Armored Division during World War II, and passed away in January 2011. Graduated from Boston university Law School in 1975, Locke became a prosecutor in King County, Washington. In 1982, he was elected to the Washington State House of Representatives, and served there for 11 years. In November 1996, Locke won 58% of the vote, and was elected Governor of Washington Sate. In the eight-year tenure, Locke successfully oversaw economic development and job creation in the stage. A large number of high-tech companies, such as Amazon, had expanded rapidly in his tenure as Governor.

Throughout Gov. Locke’s career, he excelled in all aspects of political, economic, legal, and diplomatic positions and achieved outstanding results. His qualifications as a presidential candidate are equal or superior to the four candidates who are in the race now. believes that Gov. Locke would make a great President if elected as he will help promote economic development and social justice, enhance US competitiveness, and improve our standing around the world not just by our military power but also by our commitment to diplomacy and engagement.