Treasurer Goldberg Visits BCNC, Part of Her Economic Empowerment Tour

By Menglei Han,

Boston-Wednesday, April 17 2015 – Treasurer Deborah B Goldberg recently visited Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood on her statewide economic empowerment tour. The aim of the tour is on raising awareness about the Commonwealth’s new office of Economic Empowerment (OEE). BCNC Executive Director Giles Li receives Ms. Goldberg and gives her a tour. BCNC Acorn Center for Early Education and Care Program Director Kathy Cheng, Bernadette Davidson, BCNC board President Selina Chow, BCNC director of Education and workforce initiatives Russell Fenton give Ms. Goldberg warm welcome.
Director Li takes Glodberg for a tour of BCNC(photo by Menglei Han).

“At Treasury, we launched a new Office of Economic Empowerment to oversee a broad range of initiatives to enhance economic stability and economic security,” said Treasurer Deborah Goldberg. “Today’s stop in Chinatown highlights our commitment to invest in our students, families, seniors, veterans and service members by providing critical financial skills and tools in all communities across the state. We are empowering people to empower themselves.”

During the trip at BCNC, Ms. Goldberg visited BCNC Acorn Center for Early Education. She kindly talks with kids there and says they are “adorable.” Ms. Goldberg also shares her experience of using chopsticks in 1950s, a time when chopsticks rarely appeared on restaurant tables in America. Ms. Goldberg laughingly recalls that Boston Globe took the picture of her using chopsticks, and she was the only person on the table that used chopsticks. Ms. Goldberg speaks highly of the bilingual education of Acorn Center for Early Education, and says the bilingual teaching method effectively enhances the kids’ reading skill especially those that come from immigrant families.

“Treasurer Goldberg’s Financial Literacy initiative will strengthen families across the Commonwealth,” said Michelle Wu, Boston City Councilor. “Particularly in immigrant communities, financial literacy opens the door to economic opportunity and THE American Dream. I’m proud to help connect constituents to this important program.”

Treasurer Goldberg created the OOE led by a deputy treasurer with the deliberate goal of incorporating a range of initiatives, including financial literacy, college affordability, and programming to support wage equality. As a businesswoman, local office and community leader, Deborah Goldberg was elected state treasurer in 2014 on a platform to protect taxpayer, bring new levels of transparency to state government and advance policies that break down barriers and create economic empowerment.

BCNC, which currently has 72 employees and more than 200 volunteers, was founded in 1968 by residents. Financial literacy is a priority of the center and programming includes One Hen Inc., a program that empowers children to become social entrepreneurs by building financial skills, and teaching money management. Its adult financial literacy program, Build a Better Life, offers free financial planning and advice.