Boston and Over 450 Cities Around the World Rally Against Monsanto and GMO

By Xinming Li,

Boston, May 24, 2015, — Protests against Monsanto and GMO erupted around the globe in over 450 cities around the world yesterday. Protests in Boston demanded clear labeling of genetically modified (GMO) food, which is the standard practice in many European countries. “OMG, GMO! We don’t want you poisonous seeds,” shouted protesters against World’s largest GMO seed producer Monsanto.

Why protest? The following is reasons listed on the Glasgow protest’s Facebook page.

– Create solidarity against Monsanto’s predatory business& agricultural practices
– Reject ‘substantial equivalence’ of GMO and traditional crops
– Demand INDEPENDENT scientific testing of GMO testing
– Promote organic solutions
– Expose carcinogenic products i.e. fertiliser roundup
– Expose the cronyism between corporate business and the government
– Address poverty, the real cause of global hunger
– Support food and seed sovereignty
– Support local farms, bees and biodiversity
– Rally to get labelling of all foods that contain GMO’s.

“There’s no question that March Against Monsanto is the most powerful grassroots initiative we have in the fight to reclaim our food supply from the GMO seed juggernaut known as the Monsanto Company,” – Anthony Gucciardi.

“The fact Monsanto’s CEO and Chief Executive, Hugh Grant (not the actor) is from Glasgow gives us such an important role in this international movement,” stated on the Facebook page.

The following is video from protest in Washington DC and pictures from Boston’s protest in Boston Common on May 23, 2015.