Martial Artist Kathryn Tian Featured on CCTV International

Boston, May 26, 2015(from, translated by Eric Wu) — Born and grown up in MA, Kathryn Tian, a champion in karate and tae-kwon-do, moved to Studio City in South California with his father at the end of 2013. Recently, the international channel of China Central Television(CCTV) reported her experience of winning 14 world championships at age 15.
Kathryn Tian was holding her cup and standing with her coach, Christine Bannon-Rodrigues(provided by Yi Qian).

At the age of 15, Kathryn was quite energetic despite her stature of 156 cm. She has won over a thousand medals in karate and tae-kwon-do competitions.
Having been an admirer of Bruce Lee growing up, Kathryn is skilled in practicing with nun-chucks. She has combined the actions of nunchucks and swords, creating a new routine of Martial Arts.
Kathryn is also fond of Chinese culture. She started studying Chinese language in the Chinese class at her school four years ago. In the global writing competition for Chinese immigrants, she won the first prize by describing her feelings and status on the arena.

“You must have recognized that small joyful champion in tae-kwon-do. Yes, that is me. I cannot help feeling delighted after winning the championship at such a young age. Here is the saying: the perfect one may not be happiest, but the most joyful one must be the best,” said Kathryn Tian