Autobiography From Tsinghua to M.I.T. Released in Lexington

By Xinming Li,

Lexington, Mass., June 22, 2015, — Boston Bilingual Media and Publishing (BBMP) Inc. held a book release party at Yangtze River restaurant in Lexington on June 20. Over a dozen friends attended the party to congratulate Prof. Shih Ying Lee for releasing his auto-biography From Tsinghua to M.I.T. — My Journey from Education to Entrepreneurship, including Prof. Gang Chen, head of M.I.T. mechanical engineer department and Prof. Larry Ho of Harvard University.
Mr. and Mrs. Shih Ying Lee (2nd and 3rd from right, front row) at the book release party(photos by Yue Guan).

During the book release, Mr. Lee talked about his memories from the past. Even though he is already 97 years old, he still looks delightful and interesting to speak with. Many professionals and respectful professors attended to the book release as well. They shared their thoughts about the book, and they provided so many unique insights into the history.
Mr. and Mrs. Gang Chen and Wei-An Ong (right), owner of Yangtze River restaurant.

Prof. Gang Chen said it was a remarkable achievement for Prof. to write such a wonderful autobiography at his advanced age, and it will inspire generations of young people to peruse their dreams. Prof. Chen wrote a forward for this book.

Prof. Ho, a guest professor at Tsinghua University after he retired from Harvard, recalled a story of how he and Prof. Chang-Lin Tien of U.C. Berkeley talked about upcoming 80-20 Educational Foundation meeting over the phone just a few days before Prof. Tien passed away suddenly on Oct. 29, 2002. Prof. Tien was Prof. Gang Chen’s adviser when he came to UC Berkley for a doctoral program from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China.

Ms. Beatrice Lee, a resident of Medford, Mass. and a columnist of, came with his son Peter Lee, Lexington town meeting member. Ms. Lee is a long time friend of Mr. and Mrs. Shih Ying Lee. She bought 10 copies of From Tsinghua to M.I.T. and will give them to her children and grandchildren. “I’m so glad that the autobiography is written in English as my sons and daughters can also enjoy it,” said Ms. Lee.

Prof. Lee thanked the guests for their support, and signed a couple dozens of his book for them. At age 97, Prof. Lee is still in very good health, and drove to the party with his wife Lena from their home in Lincoln, Mass.

“I was really glad to be invited to Mr. Li’s book release. His book From Tsinghua to M.I.T. is such an enjoyable read. His absorbing and deviant experience is so worth to read. This book is not only a great source for American and Chinese history, but also a magical journey of Mr. Li himself,” said Yue Guan, an undergraduate student at BU and an intern reporter for The cover of the book was designed by Menglei Han, who recently received a master’s degree in communications from BU.
Prof. Lee signs the book for Prof. Ho (middle) and Prof. Chen.

“When I asked for a signature on the book, Prof. Lee was really gentle and nice. During the party, Prof. Lee, Prof. Ho and Ms. Beatrice Lee talked about why they came to US in the 1940s and 1950s, how they felt about the culture difference and how they devoted their whole life in America. The history turned to be so lively when I heard their stories. Therefore, I truly believe in the power of this book to fascinate readers,” added Miss. Guan.
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