Contestants of ATV Miss Asia Debut at NAWA Banquet in Boston Chinatown

By Victor Chen,

Boston, June 17, 2015, — Five contestants of ATV Miss Asia Pageant attended the annual banquet of National Asian Women Association (NAWA) in Boston Chinatown in the evening of June 14. Thanks to Jing Xu, runner up of 2014 Miss Asia Pageant in the US East Coast region, contestants in the Boston area can join the pageant locally this year. Van Amanda Le, president of NAWA Mass. branch, thanked the contestants for showcasing the beauty and talents of Asian Women at the banquet in front of over 200 guests.
Jing Xu(3rd from left), Van Amanda Le(middle) and contestants of Miss Asia Pageant (photos by Victor Chen).

ATV stands for Asia Television Limited and it’s the first Chinese TV station in the world. ATV Miss Asia Pageant has also been around for 30 years and it’s one of the biggest international pageants in the world, drawing contestants from over 20 different Asian countries. ATV Home America reaches over 3 million audiences in North, Central and South America. The website of ATV Home America is

As an emcee of the NAWA banquet, Miss Jing Xu said: “This year I had the honor to bring this pageant to Boston! Grand Final in Boston will be held in middle of August and Top 3 winners from Boston will be competing directly in the US East Coast grand final at end of September. The winner from US East Coast grand final will compete internationally.”

“We aim to cultivate independent, caring and confident female Asian leaders in the community. Contestants this year are mostly from universities and high schools in New England. Throughout the training process in Boston, contestants will be participating in at least 3 community service projects to bring measurable positive impacts to the best non-profits and charities in the local area. There will be no entry fee for contestants to ensure fair selection, and they will receive 10 sessions of free training once selected,” added Miss. Xu.

Contestant No. 4 Rachel Ng is a local high-school student. “I think that the NAWA Banquet was a wonderful venue for the pageant. The opportunity to speak to and perform for so many important people in the Asian community was a privilege and was very exciting,” said Miss Ng. “It was a great experience to meet so many women who have made such an impact in our community. They are such great role models for us. It was also an opportunity for us to get a sense of why they are so successful. The pageant offers me and the other young women a chance to gain the communication skills, presentation skills, and poise that the women of NAWA already have. I’m so happy that Jing Xu and her team at Onceinlife Explorations are giving us that opportunity!”
Contestant No. 3 Hongsheng Jin is a graduate student from China at BU. She participated in many competitions before and they include International Matricidal Arts/ Tai Chi Contests, National Minority Musical Instrument Competitions, International Model Contests, and etc. “Every preparation of these contests is a valuable learning and improving process to me, and I have benefited from the contests a lot. These experiences make a better and stronger me, and I wanted to continue this self-improving process. So, I chose to take part in this Miss Asia Pageant,” said Miss Jin.

According to Miss. Jin, the professional training from the organizer has already helped all the participants’ standing posture, catwalk, public speech skills and so on. So she encourages other Asian ladies to grab this great chance and join the pageant.

2015 Miss Asia Pageant US East Coast Boston qualifying campaign is organized by Onceinlife Explorations. Top 3 contestants go to compete in the US East Coast grand final held in mid-October in New York City, organized by EMO America Productions Holding Corporation, the exclusive advertising agent of ATV Home (America). To join the pageant, please call (781)439-9793, or email [email protected].