Students from Hangzhou to Perform Chinese Tea Art at UMass Boston

Boston, June 1, 2015, — Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejing province, China, and also a sister city of Boston. A team of talented students from Hangzhou will perform traditinal Chinese Tea Art at UMass Boston tomorrow.
Students of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University perform Chinese tea art (file photo).

All the performers are graduate and undergraduate students in School of Culture, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, Hangzhou in the east of China. All of the performers hold a certificate of Advanced Tea Specialist. The following is list of program.

1. Scene One: A History of a Piece of Tree Leaf

2. Scene Two: Tea of West Lake
Performers: Jiejie Zhang, Fangran Liu

3. Scene Three: Tea ceremony of Buddhist
Performers: Jinhui Xu, Jiejie zhang, Qingiqng Ye

4. Scene Four: Traditional Huiming Tea
Performers: Qingqing Ye, etc.

5. Scene Five: Tea Ceremony of Daoism
Performers: Qi’ang Hu, Pengcheng Gao

6. Scene Six: Bamboo Tea
Performers: Yuxiang Ma, etc.
7. Scene Seven: Kung Fu Tea
Performer: Qingqing Ye

8. Scene Eight: Tea Competition
Performers: Yuxiang Ma, Qiqi Chen

9. Scene Nine: Tea of Dream of Red Mansion
Performer: Qiqi Chen

10. Scene Ten: Tea Ceremony of Confucianism
Performers: Yiruo Yang, Fangran Liu

Performers will demo how to make different kinds of teas and why. It is FUN and KNOWLEDGEABLE! Come to Join this event at the CAFETERIA of CAMPUS CENTER at UMass Boston from 11:30 — 1:00 on June 2, 2015.