Lindy Li: The Graduation Speech That Almost Didn’t Happen

By Xinming Li,

Boston, Oct. 15, 2015, — In her Facebook update today, Lindy Li wrote “I had the honor of speaking with President Clinton today — it was such an unforgettable moment for me” while sharing the picture below.

Li’s campaign for US Congress has been gaining momentum over past few months. Many pundits ruled her out when she started her campaign earlier this year. They surely have underestimated her.

“I just don’t take ‘No’ for an answer,” Li shared with supporters at a recent trip to Boston. She told a story behind her speech as class president at Princeton University’s 2012 graduation ceremony.

Li was four-term class president, and the first female class president at Princeton.

“I’ve prepared very hard for the speech. It’s a tradition for class president to speak at graduation. But, I was told not to make a speech on the graduation day to make room for famous actor Steve Carell. Of course, I was very upset. I talked with Carell, and he said:’You can just walk to the podium. No one will stop you.’ That’s exactly what I did, and many people told me they were deeply impressed by my speech on that day,” said Li.

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