Alibaba Opens Second Cloud Data Center in Silicon Valley

San Jose, Oct. 30, 2015, — Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s cloud computing unit recently launched of its second data center in Silicon Valley in the United States, as part of the company’s ambitious plan to be a global cloud service provider.

The data center is Aliyun’s ninth data center in the world, and the third overseas data center launched this year. Aliyun is the cloud computing unit of Alibaba Group.

According to Aliyun, this second U.S. data center is estimated to meet the needs of western America’s cloud computing market in the coming three to five years.

In March, the company launched its first U.S. data center in the Silicon Valley, targeting the booming cloud computing market in North America. In August, its data center in Singapore was officially opened, serving the Asia-Pacific market.

Aliyun plans to set up more new data centers in Japan, Europe and the Middle East.

“We launched three overseas data centers this year. As a result, our overseas business has more than quadrupled since then,” said Aliyun’s vice president Yu Sicheng.

According to the International Data Corp (IDC), Aliyun was the largest provider of public cloud services in China in 2014, accounting for 29.7 percent of the market, exceeding the combined Chinese market shares of Amazon, Microsoft and IBM.