Detectives Seize $100K Worth of Stolen Goods from My-Tan Fashion in Chinatown

Dec. 1, 2015, — On Tuesday November 24, 2015, detectives assigned to District A-1 (Downtown) executed a search warrant at My-Tan Fashion located at 693 Washington Street as a result of a ten month long investigation into a large scale retail crime operation. Investigators seized approximately 5,000 pieces of merchandise believed to be valued at about $100,000.
Many items in My-Tan Fashion were stolen goods(from

Items ranged from over the counter medicines, batteries, razors, lotion and other personal care items to designer clothes and shoes. Investigators believe the items were stolen by shoplifters from legitimate businesses in the area and then purchased by the store to be resold at a discounted price to customers. During some instances, it is believed that the shoplifters were specifically instructed to steal certain kinds and quantities of items.

As a result of their investigation, detectives placed Phuong Quach, 54, of Dorchester, Feng Deng, 71, of Quincy and Cindy Tran, 49, of Malden in custody without incident. All three women have been arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on multiple charges, the most serious of which is a new statute which targets such operations – Aggravated Organized Retail Crime which was passed in April of 2015.

“These individuals thought they could operate in the City of Boston and undermine legitimate, hardworking business owners,” said Commissioner Evans. “My detectives worked tirelessly during this investigation and I want to thank them and the Suffolk County prosecutors for their great work on this case.”

This case is believed to Be First Under New Retail Crime Statute.