Picture from Taiwan Benevolent Association Xmas Party

Quincy, Mass., Dec. 24, 2015, — Taiwan Benevolent Association of Greater Boston’s Christmas Party was held at China Pearl restaurant in Quincy on Dec. 22. About 300 members and guests enjoyed a night of music and dance. Hung Goon, President of CCBA New England, handed out gifts in a Santa Clause custom.

According to Sarinna Chiang, Taiwan Benevolent Association of America (TBAA) is a national nonprofit organization. It recognizes “Tongshiang” as those who, through the living experience in Taiwan and subsequently derived connection with one another as a basis, without regard to provincial origin, only that they were born, resided, educated, or worked in Taiwan, or depended upon a fellow citizen of Taiwan, are all equally deemed as “Tongshiang”.
TBAA serves an ethnic group in the U.S. and has chosen to focus on striving for the benefits of Taiwanese “Tongshiang” in the U.S. by using the superior qualities of this generation to consolidate as early as possible our social status so that those “Tongshiang” may establish a reasonable position it deserves and also progress healthily in the ethnically diverse and highly competitive society in the U.S.
Members of TBAA care deeply about the homeland of Taiwan but does not get involved with the local politics of the homeland. TBA advocates peace and harmony which supersedes executive differentiation in provincial origin in order to pursue mutual promotion, solidify the power of the group, and forge a future together.

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