Mt. Hope Cemetery to Provide Offering Tables during Ching Ming Festival

The Chinese Historical Society of New England (CHSNE) and Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England (CCBA) have gained cooperation from the City of Boston to have offering tables available for Ching Ming (spring) and Ching Yau (fall).

Ching Ming, also referred to as Chinese Memorial Day or Ancestors’ Day, falls on Monday, April 4th, and the offering tables will be available March 26th through April 10th, allowing for three full weekends to pay respects.

The offering tables will be placed near the Chinese Memorial—originally constructed without a permanent structure for food offerings due to City regulations and safety concerns. The City of Boston, advised by CHSNE, will now be placing offering tables out during Ching Ming (spring) and Ching Yau (fall).

Mt. Hope Cemetery is located at 355 Walk Hill St, Mattapan. Gates are open 7-days a week from 7:30am-5pm. The cemetery office hours are Monday-Friday/8am-4pm and Saturday/8am-Noon. (617) 635-7361.