Dr. Tea Lectures at BU on Tea Culture

By Xinming Li,

Boston, March 23, 2016, — Dr. Tea (Dr. Xingcai Zhang) was invited to give a lecture on Tea Culture at Boston University School of Hospitality Administration recently. His lecture covered the history of tea and its etymology, the tea and tea culture of Japan, Russia, UK, US, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya etc and their relationship to Chinese tea and tea culture especially the Bohea Tea of Fujian,China, which is Dr. Tea’s hometown.
2016_DrTea _BU_Lecture

As introduced by Prof. Huang at the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Tea founded as the creator & leader of the world culture of “Healthy, Harmony, Pure & Nature” and the provider of the best quality tea. And he has given lectures at Harvard School of Public Health, HCSPH, Harvard Yen-ching Library and etc. Dr. Tea gave a brief review of Chinese Tea history, famous teas, and Bohea Tea as the Tea Harvard also draws excitement during the lecture. Monkey Teas are mentioned since this is the year of Monkey. The lecture is very inter-active and interesting. Two students expressed their interest to open a tea store after the lecture and wanna further follow up for lectures and more talks with Dr. Tea. The other audience said:”It is very wonderful to learn about the history of tea and its etymology.

“I am here to express how much I look forward to collaborating in your research and contributing in any way I can to what you do. Particularly, cancer has been a topic I (like many scientists) want to study more about and hopefully find a better treatment for. What better way than natural medicine and nano-medicine? This is why I think I’m especially interested in your project and working on it with you,” said an attendee to Dr. Tea.

As Dr. Tea is not only the founder of, from the most famous tea production base, but also a scientist who has published around 10 papers on Nanomedicine of Nature Materials for Cancer Treatment including Tea and cancer prevention on cancer related scientific journals. The Boston University teachers and organizers expressed their sincere thanks and appreciations to Dr. Tea for the wonderful lecture. A certificate(pictured below) signed by Dean of Hospitality Administration Dr. Arun Upneja was presented to Dr. Tea on spot.
2016_DrTea _BU_Lecture2 Dr. Tea have Published Tea and Cancer Prevention and other papers on Cancer Journals, lectured at Harvard School of Public Health, HCSPH, Harvard Yen-ching Library etc. His story ws reported by China Daily USA, Fox News, Boston Global,, bostonese,com, Chinese Tea Academy’s The headlines in the Tea Society, Chinese Tea Museum, World Journal, World Hall of Fame Network, Southern US 55.5 TV, Southern News, Chinese Times, Headline in Chinese Tea Society, China Press,Sing Tao Daily, Sampan Newspaper and many other influential media outlets for more than 50 times.