NYC Senior Center Volunteer Vincent Tse Assaulted, in Critical Condition

New York City, — On July 22, 68 years old Asian male Vincent Tse, who has been a volunteer for six years at Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal-Prince Street Senior Center, was looking for parking spot on the way to the center to volunteer. He had a disagreement with an African-American and was severely assaulted. He is now in critical condition. This case is currently under investigation by the police. Senior Center manager, Mr. Jing Sheng Qiu, is asking for witness to step up to testify.
The beating of Mr. Tse was reported on World Journal.

On July 25, Per Mr. Qiu, Vincent Tse is not only a senior center member but also a long-term volunteer in the center’s kitchen. Regardless of weather condition, he would drive every day from Elmhurst to the senior center located in Flushing to help out. He is so warm and kind, Qiu said: “Vincent would bring plastic bottles to help a member at the senior center who makes a living from collecting/selling recycling bottles. Just last week, Vincent brought a big bag of plastic bottles for the person and I told him that he has such a good heart.”

Qiu described that the assault happened around noon time on July 22nd, Vincent Tse drove to the center and was looking for parking spot in front of 45-15 Colden Street. He had a disagreement with an African-American man and it escalated into getting beaten up and falling down to the ground. Vincent suffered severe head trauma with multiple hemorrhaging. He is currently in critical condition at the hospital.

Vincent Tse has been a long term volunteer at Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal-Prince Street Senior Center. He is always eager and happy to help people. He is about 5’2″ tall and weighs 120 pounds. The person who assaulted him was so much bigger in size. Doctors have advised Vincent’s family that even if Vincent can survive he will not be able to take care of himself and only can spend the rest of his life at a hospice.

Qiu advised that this case is currently being investigated by Precinct 109, and urgently needs witnesses to step up to testify. Six year ago, a member of our center was assaulted by a Hispanic and also severely injured. We Chinese need to be united and brave. We need to step up and testify to receive justice and stop these assaults from happening again. Witnesses please contact Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal-Prince Street Senior Center at (718)-886-5777, or report to Precinct 109.