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Boston, Sept. 22, 2016, — {BPN} Boston Professionals Networking, an official 501(c)3 non-profit-organization, is a community platform for professionals and students to promote career development, to foster entrepreneurship, to expand your social network, to enhance your business relations, to bridge the gap over different fields, or to just have fun time!
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BPN 华人专业协会, 是政府注册的501(c)3 非盈利组织,享有联邦税豁免权。作为美东地区专业人士最多的华人组织,我们长期致力于为华人社区专业人士和学生提供一个交流合作的平台,为不同专业的人士提供认识互动的机会,帮助华人了解美国历史和文化,帮助学校学生了解自己的行业及提供工作信息。BPN的宗旨是工作要干出名堂,玩儿要玩出花样!

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